How to choose a translation agency?

How to choose a translation agency?

Preparation of documents and translations is an important and responsible moment. Written translation is required in a variety of situations: for education, work, moving to another country, for marriage, registration of real estate or crossing the border with children. Interpreting is often required to conclude transactions with foreign partners, negotiate or meet with foreigners.

There are a large number of agencies on the translation services market that are ready to provide translation services.Β Many companies and individuals who are not related to the field of translation find it difficult to find the right agency when they need such services.

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Finding the right legal translation agency is not easy. In addition to the risk of stumbling upon an incompetent translator, as a result of a long search, it may turn out that the chosen translation agency does not provide the services that the client requires.

First of all, it is important to determine what problem you need to solve. Different translation agencies are focused on different orders, quality and service levels. Some agencies work quickly and with minimal rates, while counting on unpretentious customers, while others focus on the premium segment, applying multi-level quality control and instantly responding to client requests. Based on this, you should determine what level of quality you expect. We wrote more about this in our blog.

We have prepared a checklist that will help you find a qualified and reliable partner for preparing oral and written translations of any complexity for the long term. We have been using similar methods when working with freelance translators and collaborating with partner agencies for many years.

Checklist for translation service customers

Always pay attention to the company’s web resource, its design, quality, completeness of the information provided, and the absence of errors. If a translation agency does not have a website, it is more likely that the company does not exist or is not successful. The site will help you get acquainted with the list of services provided by the translation agency. Among them, there should be information related to languages, the availability of notarial and corporate certification, the timing of the preparation of translations and documents, the possibility of legalizing documents and other additional services.

Estimate how active the translation agency England is in social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The presence of useful posts, additional information about promotions and special offers will help you choose the artist. Additionally, you can become a part of the translation community and know all the nuances. In social networks, the brand becomes closer to the client, he is in the same world with him – he declares himself, communicates through content, helps with the choice.

Availability of customer reviews on the Internet is another point worth researching before choosing a translation agency. Many people share their impressions of cooperation, starting from the timing and quality of translation preparation, ending with service issues. We recommend paying attention to the percentage of positive and negative reviews in order to form an opinion about the future translation assistant. You can read reviews about the company on the website, on Google, in social networks and other Internet resources.

When you have decided who you will entrust documents for translation, test the speed of response to your request. The next step is to call the company or place an application on the website. Of course, customer-oriented companies respond quickly to potential customer requests.

The ability to place and receive an order online is an advantage when choosing a translation agency. In the case of this option, you can place an order from anywhere in the world, as well as save your time.

In dialogue with the manager of the translation agency, pay attention to the quality and completeness of consultations on the issue. Evaluate the politeness of the conversation with you, the interest in the issue, the capacity of the response to the request, recommendation or solution of the issue.

One of the factors that influences the choice of a translation agency is the location of the company’s office. If you want to personally come or come to the office of the bureau, then it is logical if the office is not far away and outwardly looks decent.

If a translation agency has been operating on the market for more than a year, then you will probably be offered to make a test translation free of charge. Thus, you can evaluate the quality and professionalism of the performer. This service is especially relevant for those who plan to translate technical documents, fiction articles, scientific papers and other highly specialized texts.

In the field of translation, there are a sufficient number of programs that simplify the process of translation and improve quality and speed. Find out if the translation agency uses Trados or SmartCAT to prepare bulk orders and whether you can test such a tool.

The service of notarial or corporate certification of translation is one of the conditions under which your translation will be accepted by official bodies in the country where you live or abroad. Be sure to check the availability of such a service with the bureau.

Ask the manager what methods of payment for the transfer are available, whether it is possible to pay by card and pay for the order from a foreign account. If the bureau accepts only cash and does not provide any documents, this can significantly complicate cooperation.

Even in the case of a remote location, one important factor is the ability to exchange documents without leaving your home or office. Find out what delivery options the agency offers and what the cost of the service is. If a translation agency is interested in cooperation, then you will probably be offered 2-3 ways to deliver your order.

Translation of the same document is often required several times and in different cases. That is why it is important to find a contractor who will store the archive of translations. After all, you must admit that it is convenient to be able to apply again and not pay for the old translation, and not look for a translation agency again.

After you have become a client of a translation agency, the service of document translation may be required again. Notification of new promotions, bonuses and special offers is a key indicator of loyalty to regular customers. This indicator indicates that the company is constantly growing and taking care of its customers.

Questions that will help you understand how professional the agency is:
1. How many years have you been providing document translation services?
2. Do you have feedback and recommendations from customers? Where can you find them?
3. Who translates the documents?
4. Do you have full-time translators or freelance?
5. What professional experience do translators have?
6. What tools do translators use when translating?
7. How is the quality of the translation controlled?
8. Are there native speakers of a foreign language among the translators?
9. Does the translator have additional specialized education?
10. Do you meet deadlines?
11. Do you provide accounting documents after placing an order?
12. What payment methods are available? Can I pay for an order if you are abroad?
13. Is there a delivery of documents in Ukraine and abroad?
14. Is editing included in the cost of translation?
15. Can you provide a glossary on this topic?
16. Do you do document layout?
17. Do you have a notary to certify the translation?
18. Is it possible to certify the translation with the seal of your agency?
19. How many years are transfers kept?
20. How is the price for the transfer determined?

We wish you good luck in choosing a translation agency! We hope our article was helpful. We invite you to check us out and use our services!
Do you have any questions? We will consult in detail on all the nuances that are associated with the preparation of translations.

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