5 Signs You Need Vacuum Cleaner Service

The convenience of owning a vacuum cleaner is undeniable. Brooms and dustpans simply don’t hold a candle to vacuums. Vacuum cleaners are powerful machines that efficiently clean dirt, dust, pet dander, and even odors from not only wood floors but also thick rugs and carpets.

While it is true that vacuum cleaners make our cleaning significantly easier and more efficient, they can’t run perfectly forever without a little help. That is precisely why vacuums occasionally need vacuum cleaner service. With such a service tune-up, their lifespans can be increased as much as 3x so these wonderful machines can continue to serve you for years to come.

But, how do you know when it is time for a professional vacuum cleaning service? Here are just five signs that it’s time to take your vacuum in for service!

1. Funky Smell During Use (Burning or Otherwise)
When you are using your vacuum cleaner and notice that there is some sort of “funky” smell coming from your usually trusty machine, it might be time to take it in to be serviced. More than likely, the funky smell will be like burning. This burning smell can indicate various issues, like expired or dirty filters, electrical issues, a broken belt, or motor degradation.

2. You Hear Bizarre Sounds
Aside from the motor and the occasional click-clacking of dirt and other debris being sucked up, you shouldn’t really hear much else from your vacuum cleaner. If you notice odd sounds, this could be indicative of an obstruction or a problem with the motor and/or fan.

Investigate the bag and the areas around it to see if there is a stubborn object causing the issue first. If that’s not the cause of all the racket, you might want to bring it in for service.

3. It’s Sucking at Sucking!
When your vacuum sucks, that means it’s doing its job well. If you notice its sucking is weak, that could mean that there is an issue inside your vacuum that needs the assistance of professional vacuum cleaner service. However, before rushing off to the service location, you should first check your vacuum’s bag and/or filter.

If you’ve fixed any issues in these locations and your vacuum continues to not do its job of sucking right, then it may be time to get it serviced.

4. You Notice Power Issues
Is your vacuum not working when it’s plugged in? Or is it turning on and off all on its own? Then you should closely consider taking your vacuum in to be investigated and fixed (after ensuring your household or other location doesn’t have an electrical problem, of course. Safety first!).

5. It’s Been More Than 12 Months Since Your Last Service
It is recommended that you take your vacuum in to be serviced at least once every year, especially if you have already cleaned it yourself of any cumbersome debris. Or, if you don’t feel like getting dirty, you can trust professionals to do the job for you, like those at Bank’s Vacuum Corporation.

Bank’s Vacuum has been repairing vacuums and providing expert tune-ups since 1956, so they have ample knowledge and experience with vacuum cleaners. They can provide you and your vacuum with stellar vacuum cleaner service, no matter the brand. Check out their offerings today at banksvac.com or give them a call at 888-867-0176!

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