Panoramic X-Ray Machines: Applications, Types & Cost

Over the past two decades, dental imaging has advanced and altered in both numerous and impressive ways. Prior to today, dental professionals had to circumnavigate the issue that there were only a few panoramic film X-ray brands to choose from when purchasing a panoramic X-ray machine for their business. Another common problem was that the products available were also greatly limited in their capabilities, applications, and even accuracies.

Today, digital dental X-ray equipment now can greatly assist dentists and other dental professionals diagnose their patients far more accurately and faster than before.

There is a more modern issue that dental professionals are presented with, however: a flooded market of panoramic dental X-ray equipment, all at widely ranging costs. More often than not, the options can be overwhelming, which then makes the process of purchasing far more difficult and infuriating.

Let’s take a closer look at panoramic X-ray machines along with their applications, models, and pricing options.

What Is a Dental Panoramic X-Ray Used For?
Dental imaging equipment is a necessity for almost all dental professionals. These machines assist in properly diagnosing and treating patients in a variety of ways. There are two common and modern dental imaging machines: panoramic X-ray and CBCT. Panoramic X-ray machines provide 2D images, while dental CBCT provide 3D images and most times 2D images, too.

Panoramic X-rays have several common applications, such as treatment planning for dentures, braces, extractions, and implants. General dentists can typically use a standard panoramic. Contrastingly, specialized applications (implants, orthodontics, and endodontics) sometimes require additional imaging capabilities, which could include a CBCT or cephalometric attachment.

What Types of Panoramic X-Rays Are Available?
There are several popular features to keep in mind when shopping for panoramic X-rays. Here are just three of them.

● Compact Units: The compact units are the most idyllic for dental professionals who are tighter on space as they are designed with a smaller footprint. If space is a concern, you may want to opt for a compact unit because you need to properly adhere to the space in which the machine will be placed, the room available for both patients and staff members to move around, and wheelchair accessibility.

● Extraoral Bitewings: Intraoral bitewings commonly cause patients to feel uncomfortable. That is why extraoral bitewings are such an attractive feature to offer your patients. They will feel far more at ease, as extraoral bitewings are significantly less invasive. Some examples of panoramic X-ray systems with extraoral bitewing capturing capabilities include Instrumentarium OP30 and Planmeca ProOne.

● Upgradeable Units: You may want to alter your dental practice’s offerings in the future, which is why your dental imaging equipment should be able to adapt if/when you do. If you choose to start placing dental implants, you’d require a 3D-upgradeable panoramic X-ray system. If you’d eventually like to add orthodontics or place clear aligners, then a cephalometric-upgradeable system would be right for you. The close consideration of what you envision for your practice in the future is necessary as is considering an upgradeable unit to align with your goals now and later.

How Much Does a Panoramic X-Ray Machine Cost?
It’s no secret that dental imaging equipment is a significant purchase. You want to ensure you’re making the best investment for you, your practice, and your patients. Panoramic X-ray systems range greatly in price due to various factors, such as the manufacturer, model, model year, inventory, and more.

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