Choosing a Cayman Real Estate Company

Beautiful weather, rich culture, safe communities, and modern infrastructure bring people in droves to the Cayman Islands every year. Many of them never want to leave, and some of them don’t!

For most, this decision to make the Cayman Islands home (or at least a home-away-from-home) starts with a search for a qualified Cayman real estate company. 

While not as grueling as shopping for a property, shopping for a Caymans Islands real estate agent is no walk in the park. Here are some things you should consider. 

Communication and Rapport
Communication is one of the most important aspects not only of a Cayman real estate agency but of any real estate broker, anywhere in the world. 

You should express your goals and preferences at the beginning of your interaction with an agent and he or she should be proactive in keeping to them. 

Good communicators will listen to your needs and concerns, actively try to solve problems and understand your unique situation (whether you’re buying or selling).

A real estate agent should be attentive and engaged and make you feel confident. Though the relationship will be professional, you should feel comfortable developing a level of personal trust and rapport with your agent, too.

Experience, Knowledge of the Local Market, Familiarity with Laws 
A local real estate agent will understand the real estate market in his or her area. With respect to the Cayman Islands, agents will be familiar with trends, prices, and general availability across all three islands – from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac – as well as within communities, such as George Town, Rum Point, and Seven Mile Beach. 

Firsthand experience with market trends is only one good reason to work with a qualified Cayman real estate company. Some who buy in the Cayman Islands are international buyers, and the laws in the Cayman Islands are unique. An agent can help you navigate the legal landscape as well. 

Consider the Company’s Selling Strategy 
Just how an agent will apply your conditions to the local market and how quickly he or she can get you in front of new listings is also important. An agent that can help you with negotiation and gives you a good feeling that he or she will be expedient in setting up visits and meetings is the type to which you should give preference.

Access to the MLS 
An organization in the Cayman Islands known as CIREBA (see below)  has an MLS, or Multiple Listing System, through which real estate agents can access a central database of  all active listings in the Cayman Islands. 

Access to the MLS is restricted to licensed real estate brokers and members of CIREBA, which offers another unique point: you should partner with a member of CIREBA.

Choose a Member of CIREBA 
The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, better known as CIREBA, is a non-profit professional association in the Cayman Islands that provides training, establishes ethical standards for brokers and agents, and maintains a member network. 

Choosing a Cayman real estate company that is a member of CIREBA, like Crighton Properties (see the previous link) will ensure a positive experience, adherence to all legal and ethical frameworks, and of course, grant you access to the MLS network mentioned above. 

Why Working with an Experienced Cayman Real Estate Company Can Benefit Buyers 

Among the many reasons that working with a qualified Cayman real estate company can benefit you are the following: 
● Can help you manage viewings, appointments, and correspondence. 
● Can help you with paperwork and legal questions. 
● They will cut down the amount of time you would spend searching on your own.
● They can answer your questions about historical trends, pricing, and development.
● They can help you find a mortgage or bank to provide financing options. 

All-in-all, a Cayman Islands CIREBA real estate agent will provide a superior level of customer service and help you manage the stress of buying or selling a home – you just need to find the right one for your unique needs. 

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