Flushometers vs Flush Tanks

If you’re in the market for a new toilet and you’re weighing your options between tankless and tank toilets, there are a few things to think about to ensure that you buy the product that’s right for your business.

Below we’ll discuss the difference between flushometers and tank toilets, their pros and cons, and where you can find toilet parts, including flushometer repair kits, and rebuild kits for those who are doing a renovation or repair project.

What Is a Flushometer?
A flushometer or a flush valve refers to toilets that use water pressure instead of gravity to flush tankless toilets and urinals.

The majority of flush valve systems are found in commercial restrooms. However, they can be used anywhere where there is adequate water pressure. They are typically made of durable materials so they can handle abuse well.

What Is a Flush Tank?
The flushing mechanism of a flush tank is not very different from flushometers, but they differ a lot in performance.

A conventional flush tank toilet is a toilet with a cistern or water tank that stores the water you use when flushing.

Advantages of Flushometers
Below are some of the advantages of having flushometers.

● Easy to maintain
A flush valve is not only faster and more effective in removing waste, but it is also easier to maintain.

It has fewer components than a flush tank system so it doesn’t break easily and requires little to no maintenance.

● Water-efficient
Flush valves flush quickly and effectively without using a lot of water. Because these toilets are powered solely by the force of water entering the supply line, they use less water, which can be as low as 1.0 GPF (gallons per flush), allowing you to save water.

● No water refill time
Flushometers reset faster than toilets that use gravity to flush. Because it uses pressure, there’s no need to wait for the water to fill up before you can flush. You can clean the contents of the bowl in a single powerful flush and with no waiting time.

This makes flushometers perfect for high-traffic commercial restrooms.

Advantages of Flush Tank

● Requires little water pressure
The first advantage is that, unlike flush valve systems, it requires little to no water pressure to operate.

You can put one of these anywhere without worrying about water pressure. It’s enough to make the toilet flush properly even if there’s just a little water pressure and flow going into the tank.

● Easy to install
Most toilets with a flush tank are easier to install, regardless of whether the tank is located on the back, top, or side of the bowl.

They’re easier to install because they employ unique water-feeding tubes or systems that only open when the tank is completely empty. You can install the product properly without switching off the water supply.

● Easy maintenance access
If anything goes wrong with the toilet, you can easily check the parts and replace or repair them. Access to the parts is not impeded by any wall or a separate access point. All you have to do is make sure you have parts and handle repair kits handy at all times in case of emergency repairs.

Disadvantages of Flushometers & Flush Tanks
The biggest disadvantage of flushometers and flush tanks are the following:

● Flushometers require high water pressure to operate
Flushometers won’t work in areas where there is low water pressure. If your building is located in areas where water pressure is an issue, flushometers won’t work in your restroom.

● Flush tanks reset slowly
These kinds of toilets aren’t ideal for commercial restrooms with high usage. Your customers will have to wait for the tank to refill before they can flush the toilet.

Whether you buy flushometers or flush tank systems, when you’re installing new fixtures, you should also consider how difficult or easy it is to find replacement and repair parts. If you can’t find flushometer repair kits or urinal repair parts, for example, you might have to replace your whole toilet because incompatible parts will either not work or will cause bigger problems later on.

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