Expert Guidelines For Executing Successful Business Relocation

Expert Guidelines For Executing Successful Business Relocation

Need expert guidelines for executing successful business relocation? Your reason for the business relocation is obviously in search of a better turnover and enhanced prospects. Relocation in general is a tough and tedious activity; undertaking business relocation is a different level of challenge altogether. Moving to a new space with office furniture, equipment, and employees is a mammoth task. Yet it is not impossible. With the right combination of proper planning and efficient execution, you can carry out business relocation with perfection. I will guide you through the process. So, let’s begin.

Here are the expert guidelines for executing successful business relocation in the following pointers:

Discuss the plan with the employees

As you plan to relocate your business, you should discuss this plan with the pillars of your business, your employees. Call a meeting and discuss this face to face with the employees. Don’t send the information through an email. You need to make them feel that their view matters so you should hear them out.

Fix the location

After discussing the moving plan with your employees make a note of their preferred locations. Check which area in the city is feasible for everyone to travel every day in the morning hours. See if the central part of the city is okay with everyone as it will be the most well-connected area. Everybody should be able to commute to a central location without facing any issues. The rent is considerably higher in the central areas of the city and lowers in the outskirts of the city. But you have to decide which factor is more important to you; the rent or the ease of commuting. Fix a location according to the preferences. Look for office spaces for rent in that particular area.

Check the lease terms

As you figure out an office space in a particular preferred area, check the lease terms and conditions in detail. There are options to lease the spaces for multiple years and the rent agreement is made according to the years of the lease.

Fix a moving budget

Office relocation From Mumbai to Bangalore involves a hefty expenditure and you have to be prepared to make such a fiscal transaction. One of the most important things that you should do as you plan for business relocation is to fix a moving budget. Set aside the amount that you are ready to expend on the relocation.

Notify the employees

After fixing the location and date of the move, you should notify your employees about the same. They should get enough time to prepare for their change in route for the office. This also means that they have to adjust their time and regime every morning to reach the new office space on time. So, you should let them know about the updates as it is going to affect their daily schedules in a direct way.

Plan the move

Business relocation is an elaborate affair and it needs a lot of planning and preparation. You should devise a plan for moving the bulky and heavy furniture from one location to another. Again, there are many pieces of equipment and gears in the office that you have to shift carefully. The IT department should be informed about the relocation as early as possible. They need to take technical backup of the existing files and documents. The HR department has to take care of all the documents of the employees and the other confidential credentials. You should plan out the move by keeping all the departments in your office in the loop.

Appoint the professionals

Business relocation is way different from house relocation. The office space and all the furniture, equipment, and gears are not your personal property but it belongs to every employee in the office. So, if there is any loss or damage of anything including the documents, you are going to be solely responsible for the incident. Office furniture is bulky, the pieces of equipment are precarious, and too many to be shifted by yourself. Moreover, if you need hands to help you conduct the relocation, you cannot ask any of the office employees to do so. It is unethical to ask them for such kind of favours.

So, the only option is to appoint professionals. Look for the best-suited packers and movers located near your current office who will fit your moving budget. Verify their credentials before finalising them for your move. Execute the relocation procedure on the fixed moving day.

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Design and customise

Before the business relocation, it is important to lay out a blueprint of the new office and figure out the position of the furniture like desks, chairs, cubicles, board-room tables, and the reception desk. After shifting into your new office space, you have to focus on designing it according to the predetermined layout. Customise a few things according to your preferences. It is a time-taking process and you should take it slow while designing the new office space.

Get a new signpost and other essentials

The new office will need a new signpost so make sure that you order one before the day of your move. You can put up the signpost as soon as you shift to the new address. It will be easier for the employees to locate the new office and even the people outside will be aware of a new venture that has commenced in the particular space.

Notify your client base

After shifting to your new office space, don’t forget to notify your client base. Let them know through emails and calls that you have shifted your office to a new address.

Update the new address

This part is an important task as well. You need to update the new office address on the company website. You also need to make new business cards, letterheads, and brochures with the new address.

The Final Outcome

Business relocation is a complicated undertaking that involves the commensuration of many tasks at the same time. You have to be a pragmatic planner and a proactive doer to accomplish business relocation with perfection. Appoint an authentic, efficient, reputed, and experienced packers and movers company for executing successful business relocation with pace and precision. Wishing you good luck with your new office space!

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