How to Light a Cigar

Lighting a cigar is like art — there are many ways to do it and they all come with their own unique style and benefits. But some ways of lighting your cigar are better than others, whether it’s because they offer more flavor or are safer. Here are the best ways to light a cigar.

Butane Lighter Fluid
Butane lighter fluid is often preferred to traditional lighter fluid because it allows you to experience the cigar’s flavor. Butane is relatively odorless and doesn’t alter the chemical makeup or taste of your cigars.

Butane lighter fluid is also more efficient. Unlike a disposable lighter, butane lighter fluid is often used in torch lighters that heat up cigars extremely fast. They are often wind resistant and multi-headed. Disposable lighters take a lot longer to warm up. Meanwhile, torch lighters provide an intense and concentrated flame.

Wooden Matches
This is a very cost effective alternative. Wooden matches are widely available almost everywhere and can even be found for free at cigar retailers. Wooden matches provide a lot of control but you’ll definitely burn through multiple to light a cigar properly. Choose wooden matches that are longer and thicker to ensure they last a bit longer — and avoid burning your fingers. And don’t expose the cigar to the flame immediately when you strike a match or you may contaminate the cigar’s flavor.

Cedar Spills
This is a traditional option that includes using the cedar sheets that are used inside cigar boxes to separate each cigar. Cedar spills are natural, which makes it a “purer” method. But cedar spills have the chance of improving your cigar’s flavor with a touch of cedar. Just remember that they can leave traces of ash behind.

Methods to Avoid
Unlike butane lighter fluid, wooden matches, and cedar spills, there are some lighting methods that should be avoided. Liquid petroleum gas can create a bad smell if there’s a gas leak. Don’t use a stove to light your cigar for that reason. You don’t want to alter your cigar’s flavor. For that reason, avoid cardboard matches and candles as well. They have chemicals that will further taint your cigar. Zippo lighters are another bad option since they are oil-fueled. This can leave a strong and unpleasant taste.

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