6 Best Tourist Attractions in Montreal

Many visitors like to explore a city packed with buildings that speak up the history or visit a city with plenty of archaeological sites. Come to Montréal that is located on St. Lawrence. The city is the second largest French-speaking city in the world.

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  1. Wander through Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal)

One of the finest places in the city is Old Montréal. This church is a tourist center in Montréal home to a remarkable concentration of buildings dating from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The Old Montréal represents the delightful feel of a Parisian-style quarter. There are historic buildings that have now turned into hotels, restaurants, galleries, and souvenir shops. 

2. Explore the Old Port (Vieux-Port)

Visit Old Montreal, to wander around. At this place, you’ll most likely end up in the living area by the Saint Lawrence River. The river spot is known as the Old Port (Vieux-Port). At this place, you can find plenty of things to do. Enjoy it here from riding the giant Ferris wheel to climbing the famous clock tower. Also, there is screaming down a zipline that descends from dizzying heights across open stretches of water.

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3. Sightsee the View from Mont-Royal

Visit the Mont-Royal that rises 233 meters above the city. This royal place is the green lung near the city center. Take a stroll through this lovely park that enables the visitor to see monuments to Jacques Cartier and King George VI. Here, you can spend some time at Lac-aux-Castors. Also, people can have a look at the cemeteries on the western slope where the city’s different ethnic groups have rested in peace together for centuries.

4. Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden)

Find out the city’s best attraction which is the botanical garden that is high above the city on the grounds. This garden hosted the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. The famous Parc Maisonneuve (Pie IX Metro) is the site of Montreal’s wonderfully imaginative botanical garden. At this place, you can find 30 themed gardens and 10 exhibition greenhouses, so a wide range of climates are represented. 

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5. Notre-Dame Basilica

The famous Montréal’s oldest church the Notre-Dame Basilica was founded in 1656. This church stands in a far grander incarnation than the original. In addition, this church has twin towers of the neo-Gothic façade facing Place d’Armes. Find out the intricate and resplendent interior that was designed by Victor Bourgeau.

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6. Oratoire Saint-Joseph (St. Joseph’s Oratory)

Come to this pretty park that is dedicated to Canada’s patron saint. This attraction is a mecca for pilgrims, available here with its huge Renaissance-style domed basilica dating to 1924. A small chapel was built here by the brother André of the Congrégation de Sainte-Croix in 1904. At this place, he performed miraculous acts of healing for which he was canonized in 1982.

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