7 Most Beautiful Places in Asuncion

Not many of you would be aware that the city of Asunción hosts must-see attractions. As compared to other regional capitals such as Buenos Aires or Rio, the city has been the charming capital. Also, there are a lot of pleasant places for intrepid travelers.

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1.Plaza de la Democracia

La Democracia has been the focal point of protests and uprisings that is present here as Paraguay’s most important plaza. This spot has a lot of the country’s turbulent history. Here, you can find numerous grand colonial buildings flanking each side.

2. The Costanera

This attraction offers a mammoth 2013 renovation that reinvigorated Asunción’s decaying Costanera. This has transformed into a picturesque waterfront boulevard. At this place, people gather to enjoy the sunset over the winding Rio Paraguay. Though not a park or plaza, this spot is far the best place in town to rollerblade or cycle on a warm summer afternoon.

3. Plaza Infante Rivarola

This plaza occupies an enviable position in the heart of the city’s most upmarket neighborhood. Visit the leafy Villa Mora plaza which is a popular spot for locals. People come here to relax in between visiting nearby shopping malls and restaurants. Also, find out about a buzzing artisan fair or perhaps even an impromptu outdoor theatre performance.

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4.Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez

Carlos Antonio Lopez Park is the best place in the city center that is built over the top of a wartime cemetery. This place can be best for people who are searching for outdoor recreation. Several facilities include a football pitch, woodland hiking trails, and bike paths. Also, this park has plenty of locals who come here just to unwind and socialize with friends. You can plan a trip day or night that is lacking adequate security and lighting.

5. Parque Seminario

The city’s favorite spot is the shady Parque Seminario. This attraction is packed full of walkers and joggers almost every day of the week. Above all, there is an adjacent Catholic church. This church receives plenty of worship. Large ticketed concerts are often held here at night during the summer.

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6.Jardin Botanico y Zoologico

The Botanical Gardens and Zoo are located to the north of the center. The garden lies in the biggest open green space in the city. At this place, you can find massive grounds that hold multiple different zones. Above all, there is a small zoo, with some lush gardens. Also, in this garden, there are lengthy well-maintained hiking trails. You can enjoy the trails. People can also visit a worthwhile national history museum and even an 18-hole golf course.

7. Plaza de Armas

Asunción’s most enchanting place is located in the heart of the city. Many visitors might be surprised to see its Plaza de Armas so far down the list. This attraction is the city’s main square and the theoretical epicenter of its social scene. Though, sadly, in Asunción, locals define Plaza de Armas can best be described as a decrepit, rubbish-strewn ghetto overrun by destitute addicts. There is much to know about this attraction in Asunción. So, guys take some time out to visit this part of Asunción. It’s best to give the main plaza a miss.

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