Benefits of a magnetic screwdriver set

Benefits of a magnetic screwdriver set

You might be wondering; does it matter if I buy a standard screwdriver, or a magnetic screwdriver set? Afterall, it’s only to do up and undo screws. Although correct, it’s only for screws, there are certainly factors that can determine whether a magnetic screwdriver would be more beneficial or not. Here, we will look at 3 circumstances where the benefits of a magnetic screwdriver set outshines those of the standard screwdriver set.

Fiddly places

If you’ve ever had to put a screw into something where access is limited or difficult, then you understand the first benefit. To complete the job you must reach in and set the screw in place, then without the screw falling you need to attach the screwdriver and start screwing it in. Normally, you would continue to hold the screw with one hand while using the screwdriver to insert the screw into place, but if there isn’t enough room for your hand to hold it? Simple…a magnetic screwdriver set. The screwdriver holds the screw, and you can screw it in one handed.

Fast work

When you have a lot of screws to insert, and you want the job done as quick as possible then a magnetic screwdriver can be the solution. You can almost cut your time in half just by eliminating having to reach into a bucket of screws with one hand, fix it onto a screwdriver, then reach back to the project to screw it in. By using a magnetic screwdriver, you can stick the screwdriver end into the screw bucket, it will pick up a screw by the magnetisation, then as you go to insert the screw you can straighten it on the tip and away you go. No more reaching over and back, continuously with both hands wasting precious time.

Hand dexterity

Another fantastic benefit of a magnetic screwdriver set is that it helps more people perform jobs. If you find it hard to pick up a screw, then having a magnetic tip will do the picking up for you. The same with dropping screws, a magnetic tip will make picking the screw up again easier, especially if you’ve dropped it into a small, difficult space to reach into with your hand.


The array of magnetic screwdriver sets is about as vast as the standard screwdriver. They are available in a range of sizes and come as a flathead or Phillips head. The sets can come with a variety of handles and may or may not be electricity resistant. If you are in the market to buy a magnetic screwdriver set, then we suggest you get some expert advice from a reputable dealer like RS. Don’t waste money on inferior products because quality counts.
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