8 Important Parts of a Car That Needs to be Checked For a Safe Ride

Check Out The Parts Before Going For a Long Trip

It is a must to examine some essential parts of a car that not only affect the performance but also your safety. Overlooking some parts of a car can be dangerous for you and your loved ones. In this blog, we will examine the 8 most important parts of a car that needs examination or maintained for a safe or convenient ride. An automobile consists of several intricate components that improve its longevity and effectiveness. For any automobile, several parts are essential. These parts, however, require routine maintenance and prompt replacement.

Tyres are the most critical parts of a car. You couldn’t imagine driving a car without a good set of tyres. Or if you do so, it may risk your life. Tyres condition influences other parts of a car such as wheels, suspension, wheel alignment, etc. or you can say vice versa. For example; if you get a worn tyre, it will harm the wheel alignment or if you get unaligned wheels it will harm the tyre. Go for Wheel Alignment Coventry check if you are getting an unstable or uncomfortable ride or when it’s time for tyre replacement. Just like these components, 8 other components keep you safe while driving. Let me know about them one by one.


The automobiles get stopped by their tyres. This part of a car is undoubtedly among the most important components in terms of both performance and safety. Of course, the brake of a car stops the wheels, the tyres stop the car. Tyres affect comfort, braking distance, mileage, as well as other essential parts of a car that I have mentioned earlier.


If you are searching for the most important parts, even more than tyres, then it is the engine. a top-notch engine is necessary for the best vehicle’s performance. A device or mechanism that converts the heat from burning gas into the force needed to move the wheels of the vehicle. Given that it must survive a severe load, the engine gets built with a sturdy frame. If you feel your engine is not doing well or observe symptoms like odd smells, loss of power, odd noise, rough running engine, etc, go for repair. Or if you don’t get any symptoms and need an engine check, go for an engine diagnostic test.


Because road forces operating on the vehicle pass via the contact areas of the tyres, it is crucial for the suspension to maintain the road wheel in touch with the road surface. Apart from that, the suspension defends against wear and damage to both the vehicle and the passenger. If your suspension is not working properly, it may affect the wheels, wheel alignment, tyres and other parts of a car.

Wheels And Their Alignment

Wheels affect performance as well as safety. If the wheels bend or break, you may get an uncomfortable or unsafe ride. The wheel alignment of a car defines stability or movement. When you maintain the alignment, you may avoid tyre, suspension, brake or steering wear and tear. Marinating a proper wheel alignment offers amazing handling and enhances the age of a tyre.


Since they illuminate the road ahead, lights are a crucial part of every vehicle. It ensures safety during the whole journey and is necessary for driving the car at night or in low light. There are many types of lights on cars including headlights, sidelights, daytime running lights (DRL) and rear or front fog lights. All types of lights play a crucial role in offering safe driving.


They are yet another crucial part of the car that helps it slow down or stop. Steel pipes carry hydraulic fluid to the wheels of the car when the brakes are in operation. Or it is a must to examine the condition of the whole braking system including the naked parts such as the brake pedal.


The filtering of harmful gases and the lowering of engine noise are only two of the crucial jobs performed by an automobile’s exhaust system. A bad condition exhaust of an automobile would emit dangerously loud noises and unappealing air pollution. Also, the exhaust system of a car affects the mileage.


Another crucial part of a car that is necessary for shifting between speeds is the gearbox. As you know the gears transmit the vehicle’s wheels’ power from the engine.

So these were the 8 main components of a car. You can get examined all by having Car Service Coventry.

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