Can the Unemployed Make Money Playing Video Games? Yes!

Can the Unemployed Make Money Playing Video Games? Yes!

If you are a gamer and you’re also unemployed, then this post is for you.

Let me tell you about a recent finding from a survey.

A large percentage of men these days aren’t working full-time. That doesn’t mean they aren’t earning though. They are earning money in the freelance way or they have some entrepreneurial units.

It is interesting to understand that the job spheres have surprisingly changed in recent times. What’s more surprising is that people love these new ways of earning.

At this time, you might define gaming as a potential career as it is primarily online, and it comes with the advantage of content creation. People all over the world want content for education and entertainment. If you look at the statistics, then you will see gaming constitutes a MAJOR portion of both entertaining and educational content.

You can use this favourability of gaming content for your benefit, mainly when you are unemployed, yet you’re skilled in gaming.

How to Earn Money by Gaming When You’re Unemployed

For your information, there are multiple routes to earning money from games.

If you are a little careful in earning money (and if you want to be organised in that), then you can still make a good living out of gaming.

Be it from streaming your shows to performing live gameplay by participating in tournaments. There are ways gaming can offer you good money.

If you are willing to go for it, then I have got a plan for you. The points mentioned below can explain the plan:

  • Step 1: Get a Freelance/ Part-Time Job at First
  • Step 2: Choose Your Game
  • Step 3: Set Your Gaming Gear up
  • Step 4: Pick a Route for Earning through Gaming
  • Step 5: Sell Digital Game Assets to Earn More Money
  • A Bonus Point to Conclude

I reckon you are being a little impatient to read these points in detail. Well, that’s what this post is for.

Step 1: Get a Freelance/ Part-Time Job at First

Being unemployed is painful. Although gaming is a good choice to earn money in this situation, it might take a little while for you in case you are a beginner.

I would not recommend you go for a part-time or freelance profession if you have already made gaming an economically successful side hustle.

But again, investing yourself in a part-time job is always a good option. It will offer you opportunities for maximising income. You can also support your gaming career with the help of the money earned from a job of that kind. Or else, use this income to pay bills and buy essential items while inflating your savings with the money you make from gaming.

In order to get a freelance job, you can create an account on a website that offers such projects. Here, clients upload work, which you complete, and in return, you get paid. There are no such strict time barriers.

You can use the website freelancer for this because it is free. Sites like fiverr and Upwork are also cool but they come with premium memberships.

  • Step 2: Choose Your Game

I am sure that you are a master at gaming. I am also sure that you are aware of and have played a certain number of titles. Chances are you are an expert in a few of them.

Identify your gaming goal. Whether you want to be a content creator or a live performer makes a big difference in your choice of games.

This is also true that you will need determination. The more games you play, the better you can be at gaming. However, if you play one game and make a fortune out of it, then you have to stay stick to it.

For example, Shroud is a professional player who has played, Shroud is a professional player who plays Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for a really long time. He sticks to his gameplay and now he is an internationally acclaimed gamer.

There is another gamer, who is as old as our granddads. He has a channel names Grandpa Gaming on YouTube. Do check him out.

  • Step 3: Set Your Gaming Gear up

What gear do you need?

Are you a gamer who wants to play in an all-encompassing gaming room with Neon lights, an RGB keyboard and mouse, with a large desktop screen?

Or do you think you want to purchase a high-end gaming laptop?

Okay! You don’t need both because you are a mobile gamer. In that regard, buying a high-end Phone or a gaming phone (phones made in the concept of a gaming laptop) such as the ASUS ROG Phone or the Redmi Black Shark Phone makes sense.

It all depends on your gaming needs.

If you are a gamer who changes hardware parts frequently to experiment with different tools to improve the gaming experience, I recommend you go for the desktop.

For more compact and mobile settings, go ahead and select a gaming laptop. You can upgrade a gaming laptop too.

If you are into generic mobile games and you love gaming on the go (of course, with caution!), then a Smartphone will do the job.

Find out what you want. Chances are you are also looking for a loan for the unemployed with bad credit for owning your gaming setup. Being specific with your expectations will help you to use the money smartly.

  • Step 4: Pick a Route for Earning through Gaming

It is time for you to earn by gaming.

But there are multiple ways to do that.

If you are a gamer and have video game experiences, then you can simply stay in your comfort zone but strive hard to improve your earnings.

However, you can be new to gaming. If that is so, learn about these different paths to earn and try to explore them one by one, if possible, to find your suitable route. If you cannot explore, though (due to financial issues), you are always welcome to register yourself in free gaming forums and ask people from the community.

  • Create Content: it is probably one of the most famous ways to make money by gaming. Yes, you might need a little time to establish yourself as a content creator as you have to get ‘known’. I have seen gamers choose RPG games rather than multiplayer titles for content creation because the presence of the narrative in RPG games makes them more entertaining. You can literally watch Days Gone or The Last of Us 2, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for hours on end because the gameplay is narrative-driven and cinematic. Yes, multiplayer games like Fortnite or Call of Duty Mobile also gain views. But you need to win the competition too.
  • Play in eSports: You can take part in multiplayer eSports tournaments. Counter-Strike: GO; Valorant are leading titles in this platform. You can play PvP matches and earn rewards. If you play well and outperform others players in your team, then chances are people will look for your gameplay related content. That’s a bonus too as you can earn extra.
  • Teach Gaming: You can create a workshop or a masterclass for teaching game techniques, game sense and competitive playing. You just need to monetise smartly by sharing your knowledge. Charge an amount per hour to gain money. If needed, you may also create gameplay tutorials on YouTube or create an offline gaming class at your home.
  • Be a Game Tester: A game tester is any person hired by game design and development brands to test several builds and different versions of a game multiple times until no objectionable points are found. A Beta Tester is the person who tests the primary version of the game before launching it publicly. A Quality Assurance Tester (QA tester) tests a game when it already has met specific criteria. You can charge money per hour for gameplay from the game design company that hired you.

Join a Game Development Brand: it is quite a good thing to be a part of a game development brand. Yes, coders/ programmers work in a brand like this. But it does not necessarily mean that other people cannot work here. You can work in a game development brand as a game writer, game artist, project manager, and many other professionals. Just talk to an employer.

Always be sure of the route you want to choose. If you face confusion, take your time to think about it before moving.

  • Step 5: Sell Digital Game Assets to Earn More Money

Did you know that you can sell your account/ rewards related to gaming?

Of course, you can.

  • Try out selling Steam Gift Cards. You will find a lot of players interested in collecting them.
  • In games like Overwatch, you can sell a Smurf Account. Players are looking to buy them to save time so they can level up faster.
  • Remember fiverr? You can sell your gaming services here as well. For example, you put up your service on fiverr to play with any online gamer in exchange of money. Gamers who need gaming partners or require quick backup from team members to finish missions or earn rewards will buy your services.

Isn’t that interesting?

A Bonus Point to Conclude

If you love gaming, you know more about it than others do.

Have you ever thought of sharing this knowledge by creating a gaming channel and blog post of your own?

Doing these will boost your popularity. Additionally, you can rank yourself on Google better by making a website and linking your content with it.

So, keep on gaming.

It‘s because now it is going to fill your pockets.

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