• March 28, 2023
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How to choose the right coffee table? Expert guide

A coffee table surrounded by sofas and armchairs is the heart of the living room. It must therefore agree not only with all the interior of your living room, but also with its layout. Styles, sizes, materials, here are some tips to be sure to choose the right coffee table.

Choosing the right coffee table: shape matters!

For your living room table to fit perfectly into your living room and correspond to your daily use, its shape is essential. Oval, square, round or rectangle, it’s up to you to choose the format that best suits your layout. The ideal is to first install the sofa and the armchair(s) in the living room, then look at the remaining space available for the coffee table. Be aware that you must also leave space between the coffee table and the other furniture to be able to move freely around it.

You must then choose the height of the coffee table according to the height of the seat. Indeed, for more comfort, your table should be at the same height as your sofa, or even lower.

A round or oval coffee table can be very light when it is placed on a thin base, and can be very solid and imposing when the base matches the round shape of the top. A round coffee table is always very convivial and finds its place in a large living room in the center, surrounded by several pieces of furniture: for example a sofa and many armchairs. Some round tables have storage built into the legs, others play with the top by adding compartments and drawers for a playful decoration. If you have a small living room and you absolutely want a round coffee table, consider nesting round tables, modular, it’s a guaranteed space saver!

Ideal if you also use the coffee table for eating, working or painting, the square coffee table is suitable for a lot of space, you just have to adjust the size to the surface. A square table is considered sturdy, gives character to a living room.
It also allows you to decorate a room on its own due to its significant presence. Practical, square
coffee tables are often accompanied by a second shelf in the lower part for books and newspapers.

The rectangular coffee table is the most common form indoors. The rectangular coffee table is also the best model for a narrow living room, with a long design. It is therefore the best model for all surfaces and all configurations. To be able to move freely around the room, choose a narrow and long coffee table so that it remains practical and functional. Carefully selected to match your decorative style, a rectangular coffee table can be a decorative asset or even a must in your living room…

Which material should I choose for my coffee table?

The material of the coffee table matches the style chosen for the room. It is therefore necessary to choose the materials according to its interior and its lifestyle, taking into account the practical and functional aspects as well as the maintenance of the coffee table. Here are the preferred materials:

Wood: a safe bet

Wooden coffee tables are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Classic and chic, mixed industrial wood and metal, even modern, sophisticated and trendy, the choice is yours! On the maintenance side, a wooden living room table is perfectly resistant to time and possible shocks.

Concrete and metal for industrial style coffee tables

In waxed, polished or brushed concrete, with metal or glass tops, the mixture of a raw material like concrete and a solid material like metal will instantly give character to your modern or industrial style coffee table.

Glass: for an elegant and chameleon coffee table

Thanks to its transparency, the glass coffee table fits easily into different decorative styles, from the most classic to the most designer. This material is also ideal for small spaces so as not to overload them.
For a question of security, we only offer SAFETY glass, a glass that even broken does not cut.

Convertible coffee table for multifunctional furniture

For tight spaces, convertible coffee tables are perfect! It can be rolling, lifting or extendable, box or swivel, it bends to all your needs and transforms to adapt to your space and the use you make of it. Alternating clever storage furniture, elegant living room table or functional dining table, the coffee table has it all !

What type of coffee table to choose?

Choosing a style for your living room will help you choose a coffee table. Fans of the natural and Scandinavian style, wood and neutral tones are made for you. For lovers of loft-style industrial design, it is better to choose a coffee table with raw materials (raw wood, metal, steel). For a minimalist and sober decoration, whether classic or modern, it is better to opt for a glass coffee table.

Whether your living room is small or very spacious, a coffee table can be made very simple or versatile with additional drawers, compartments and trays. The coffee table can be a simple side table dedicated to storing your newspapers, books and magazines in a living room furnished just for relaxation. The coffee table can also combine multiple functions, serving as a dining table or a table to receive guests over tea or an aperitif, or even as a coffee table with storage (for books, cables, decoration, remote controls, newspapers, etc.)

Thanks to these tips, you will be able to refine your selection of coffee tables from the vast selection at Homary. Come directly to the store to take advantage of many tips and try out the furniture that will delight your interior. Your home will be delighted!

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