• March 24, 2023

High-Quality Clerical Garments Are Only a Few Clicks Away

Clerical garments might serve a somewhat smaller market, but that doesn’t mean availability and quality aren’t objectively important.

If you’re looking for high-quality clerical garments, visit Divinity Clergy Wear. This is a snapshot of what they offer.

Cassocks and Cinctures
Cassocks and cintures; these are the everyday habit of many ordained clerics. Divinity Clergy Wear offers a wide range of Anglican cassocks and cinctures in traditional clerical colors, including black, red, and purple.

Clergy Robes
Divinity Clergy Wear also offers a wide range of clergy robes and sets in an equally diverse array of colors that are suitable for all times in the liturgical calendar. Their collection includes highlights for both men and women and their offerings are available in extended sizes.

COGIC-Approved Class A Vestments
Divinity Clergy Wear has also closely collaborated with the Church of God in Christ, or COGIC, in order to develop a quality, affordable set of COGIC-approved Class A vestment sets.

Their set, which is COGIC and GCPE-approved, consists of 6 pieces and includes a Black Anglican cassock with a matching cincture, along with a surplice, a black tippet, and a black cord paired to a 2×3” cross.

Preaching Jackets
For those occasions when a formal style is more appropriate than clerical habit, Divinity Clergy Wear also sells a wide range of preaching jackets. Perfect for establishing a formal, yet powerful presence, especially for lectors and others.

Albs and Surplices
Divinity Clergy Wear also offers traditional white surplices ornamented with clerical lace, along with albs. These habiliments, which are often worn by choristers and acolytes, are also included in some of their bundled offerings.

Clergy Shirts
Divinity Clergy Wear sells a wide range of clergy shirts in cotton and cotton-poly blends, available in a rainbow of colors. They carry clergy shirts in classic white, black, red, and purple as well as green, gold, and other brightly-colored, highly-decorous clergy shirts. Check out their collection!

Clerical Accessories
In addition to the robes, clergy shirts and jackets, and other clerical garments mentioned, Divinity Clergy Wear carries an even broader range of clerical wear, including accessories.

Their online collection includes but is not limited to bishop clergy attire, overseer attire, chimeres, rochets, zucchettos, usher gloves, cinctures, rabats, stoles and tippets, crosses and cord sets, and clerical collars.

For the Ladies: Robe Sets and Dresses
What collection of clerical clothing could be truly complete without an assortment of offerings for the ladies?

Divinity Clergy Wear’s catalog of clerical attire does not disappoint. They carry a wide range of clergy robes designed for women which mirrors the splendor of their sets for men, as well as a dedicated collection of preaching dresses.

Their collection includes both two and three-piece preaching dresses for ladies, available in high-quality fabrics, in extended sizes, and which are offered with the option of a garment bag.

Where Can You Explore More High-Quality Clerical Garments?
Online shoppers interested in learning more about Divinity Clergy Wear’s offerings are encouraged to check out their website, DivinityClergyWear.com. It is always open and its high-quality clerical garments are on full display.

However, for those that are looking for a slightly more personal experience with their clerical attire before buying, there is the option of visiting them in person at their showroom.

Their showroom is conveniently located roughly halfway between New York City and Philadelphia, nestled in the lovely town of Hamilton, New Jersey.

If you’re in their area and interested in the sort of quality exhibited by the clerical attire, visit them at their showroom to get a more intimate feel for what they offer. Call ahead at 609-838-7154 for details.

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