Why Should One Choose AWS as the Cloud Platform?

When you think about cloud computing and its solutions, or say service provider, a very prominent name comes to mind, i.e., AWS (Amazon Web Services).

AWS is the world’s biggest cloud service provider and is known for offering a vast array of cloud computing solutions such as computing, storage, ML and AI services, etc. Launched in 2006, AWS is constantly growing with its innovative solutions and unbeatable market presence. Due to its rise and growing demand for cloud solutions, many big firms, startups, and almost every type of business or organization has started hiring AWS in order to develop, test, and deploy applications.

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Why is AWS popular?

The popularity of AWS lies in the plethora of services it offers to its users. Initially, it started off with EC2, i.e., elastic compute cloud; S3, i.e., simple storage service; and SQS, which is meant to target developers and small startups. Since then, it has grown at an exponential rate. Now, AWS is known for offering more than 165 different services that include multiple types of cloud computing, storage, databases, networking, Lambda, content marketing, and many others.

By now, it had become the leading cloud service provider, ruling the market with high revenue and the biggest market share.

Choosing AWS as the cloud platform

AWS is the largest cloud service provider and currently has more than 1 million customers. The reason why one should choose AWS as the cloud platform is given below. Have a look at them.

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AWS is the leading innovator and executor. According to the report shared by Gartner, the world’s leading analyst, AWS is the top-ranked cloud platform so far. Because of its constant innovations and new ideas, it is ranking ahead of other cloud service providers available in the market.

It is widely known for its global presence: AWS is currently running in 21 geographical regions, covering around 66 availability zones. It implies that its global presence is remarkable. That means one can start its business services in any part of the world (specifically covering geographical locations) while sitting in any country. AWS provides the platform through which you can serve your customers without even connecting with them in person.

It is known for its flexible pricing options. AWS is widely known for its flexible pricing models, which make it the most preferred choice among users. It comes with a pay-as-you-go model, which means you don’t have to make any commitments to use the services. All you have to do is pay for the amount of services you used. This is the best option available for startups, as their budget is low. AWS offers the most affordable cloud computing solutions and services compared to others.

It is the most secure cloud service provider: While dealing with virtual assistance or virtual services, there are chances of losing your data or information due to security breaches. AWS offers identity and access management services free of charge to its users. It implies that one can use AWS resources that come with data encryption facilities that assure security. Also, AWS engages with authorized third-party auditors that provide the customers with information regarding the policies, controls, and processes.

It focuses on simplicity: AWS is designed in a manner that allows developers to easily develop their applications. Once the deployment of applications turned out to be easy, the developers could focus on other important matters, such as solving actual business issues and managing infrastructure. Handling the AWS management console or hosting the application using APIs is also easy with AWS.

It offers flexibility to work: There is no limit to choosing any operating system or development environment. AWS is known for providing its own virtual network wherein you can develop your applications following the new technology. Also, you can scale the applications as per your workload.

It offers unbeatable storage and backup facilities. AWS is known for offering a durable space to store the data. It uses S3 as a service that is used to store data. The data is quite secure with AWS. Also, the cost of storing and backing up data is quite reasonable without imposing any extra burden on the user.

It offers scalability and high performance: whenever you feel like there is a load on your system, you can easily scale your applications using AWS. Despite any sudden demand, your system will never lack the ability to perform at its best. Instead, AWS helps manage the workloads with ease and allows easy scaling of applications.

It allows integration with existing systems. For example, if you have a service running on your infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about its existence. AWS comes with the feature of easy integration, wherein users can develop a new application in the cloud and easily integrate it with the older service. It allows easy import of on-premise virtual machines as and when required.

AWS is currently ruling the market with its plethora of services. It offers several benefits to the users, a result of which is that its user base is constantly growing.

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