How Important Is The Call Forwarding Feature In A Cloud Contact Center?

cloud call center solutions

What Are Cloud Contact Centers?

Cloud call center solutions are software that manages complex business communications. It ensures a seamless customer experience to streamline communication with better insights into everyday customer conversations. Cloud-based call center solutions in India are getting popular by the day as it handles both inbound and outbound calls. It is an efficient way of communication and service delivery to large customer bases.

The Important Features Of Cloud Call Center Solutions:

  1. Call routing: Call routing is an important aspect of cloud call center solutions. A business can route inbound calls to the available agents or any specific department as per the need of the customers. Call routing saves time, energy, and resources for the business.
  2. Agents-customer bonding: The first and direct point of contact of the business with the customers is the agent. Cloud call center solution helps in identifying the caller; with the recorded caller the calls are transferred to the agents they last spoke to. It helps in reducing introduction time and helps in more engagement.
  3. Call recording: All inbound and outbound calls are automatically recorded by the solution. It helps to monitor and records end-to-end calls. A business can benefit in many ways by using this recorded database in innovative ways.
  4. Call control: The solution helps to control calls with mute, hold, and warm transfers for queue calls. It also allows queue callback. Voicemail features during wait time of customers. It supports offering organized calling communication.
  5. Mobile app access: A business can exercise more control and visibility over business calls with optimized customer support. By installing a cloud call center solution in the smartphone for a business, more access can be offered.

Importance of Call Forwarding Feature

Call forwarding is an essential part of the call routing and calls recording feature. Calls are forwarded in the following ways:

  1. All incoming calls can be forwarded when the business is reached during non-working hours or official breaks.
  2. Calls can be forwarded when the line is busy, the call can be transferred to the next available agent.
  3. If one expert or department is not answering as per the request of the customer, the call can be forwarded to the agent for assistance.
  4. The calls can be forwarded to another line of contact when one line is unreachable.

Benefit of The Call Forwarding Feature

  1. Work balance: As calls are transferred to the available agent, there is no burden of work on a few agents. The calls are distributed efficiently. It helps each agent to offer their best service.
  2. No-wait time: Increased wait time and resolution time often results in less customer engagement. The call forwarding feature helps a business to provide immediate assistance to customers. It helps to enhance the customer service experience.
  3. Organized and professional service delivery: With cloud-based call center solutions the calls are offered in a very professional way. It helps to maintain standard communication without any barriers. The database helps to identify the customers and all the needed details that take less time to understand the needs of the customers. It helps in easy rapport building and service delivery.
  4. Automated forwarding: With automated call forwarding, the agents can get more productive time as it reduces workload. It helps a business to offer high-quality services in no time.
  5. IVR integration: With the IVR system, customers are never left with unresolved queries. Advanced call-forwarding features also include on-hold music, voicemail facilities, etc. It also supports the ability to forward calls to multiple phone numbers at the same time.


There are many providers of cloud-based call center solutions in India. A business needs to consider the following points before choosing a provider:

  1. The price of the solution
  2. The features and mainly the ability to export inbound calls
  3. If the provider offers advanced features like call recording and call routing
  4. The system’s ability to maintain call history
  5. If the solution can be integrated with other solutions

To choose the best cloud-based call center solution in India, a business can compare and choose the provider accordingly. A business can compare based on the needs and budget.

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