Child Resistant Boxes

Custom Child Resistant Boxes

Custom child resistant boxes are essential for products that can be dangerous for children to ingest. These boxes are designed to keep children away from harmful chemicals and medicines.

They are a solution to the problem of accidental poisoning among children. Breault’s invention led to a 25% drop in cases.

High-Quality Printing

There are many products in the modern world that can be harmful to children. They include medicines, drugs, pesticide chemicals, cleaning agents, sanitizers, and more.

In order to keep these goods out of children’s reach, companies use child resistant boxes. These boxes are difficult to open by young children, and they also keep them away from the harmful chemicals.

These boxes are a must for all brands that want to protect their product from the curious hands of kids. These boxes can be custom printed with foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and more.

These boxes can be designed to fit a variety of products, including concentrates and cartridges, vape pens, edibles, candy bars, and more. They can also be customised with metallic inks, UV coatings, spot UV, and more.

Eco-Friendly Material

Custom child resistant boxes are designed to be difficult for children to open. They keep harmful products like medicines, pesticides and cannabis items out of reach for children, keeping them safe.

Various types of materials are used to create these packaging options. Some of them are made from bioplastic, paper and sugarcane. Others are compostable and recyclable.

In addition to being eco-friendly, these packages are also attractive and highly customizable. They can include a product warning label, as well as a logo and color scheme that matches your brand.

A number of marijuana brands use plastic-free, child resistant packaging that is both compostable and recyclable. Some of these packages are made from tin, which is a great option for packaging small pre-rolls. The tin is also easy to open for adults and can be decorated with custom labels.


Custom child resistant boxes are an excellent way to keep your products safe from curious children. They can be printed in various colors and designs to match your brand. They also have a locking mechanism that makes them secure.

Keeping children safe is a major concern for companies that produce harmful products. These products are subjected to a higher level of scrutiny, and they want their packaging to be able to stand up to the test.

Having a custom child resistant box is an easy way to ensure that your company remains compliant while promoting your brand. You can customize your box with the name of your product, the date it was manufactured, and more. You can even choose to add a logo so that your customers know you’re committed to protecting their children.


The Locked4Kids carton is an award-winning child resistant packaging option for medicines, developed by the Dutch company Ecobliss Group. The carton consists of a blister tray and a plastic tray that locks securely.

The blister tray is inserted into the carton and locked in place by small hooks that are placed diagonally across both sides of the carton. To remove the tray, both hooks need to be pushed in simultaneously. This is easy for adults but impossible for children, who can’t span the width of the carton to push both hooks in at once.

Besides being a good way to protect medicine, blisters can also be used to pack other products, including syringes, vials, and ampules. They can be produced cost effectively on standard pharmaceutical packaging equipment such as Romaco, Uhlmann, and Pentapack.

Atlantic custom Packaging has partnered with Locked4Kids to produce resealable child-proof cannabis packaging. The packaging uses patented security technology designed specifically to dissuade curious kids from accessing the cannabis products within.

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