6 Best Places to Visit Idaho 

Idaho is one of our favourite places to visit any time of year, and the winter in Idaho has it all. It’s a great place to visit during the snowy months for a winter adventure, with everything from backcountry skiing to hot springs to small mountain towns, but what if you don’t like to ski?

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1. Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail

The Bitterroot Mountains are home to the Hiawatha Mountain Trail. It was once the path of an old railway known for its breathtaking scenery. The great thing about the 15-mile-long trail is that it is almost downhill. So, you can enjoy the outdoors without exerting too much effort. You’ll pass through 10 train tunnels along the way, the most famous of which is the 1.7-mile-long St. Paul Pass Tunnel at the start of the route. You will also cross seven sky-high trestles. On the way back, a shuttle service is available.

2. Rocks National Reserve

It will become clear why as soon as you arrive. The landscape is with massive granite spires and monoliths that reach incredible heights of up to 60 stories. The park’s history is also impressive; the oldest pieces of granite in the park are to be up to 2.5 billion years old. If you’re a climber, you can’t miss this because it’s one of the few places where you can climb on granite rock faces. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can come for a hike or ski in the winter.

3. Snake River Greenbelt

The Idaho Falls Greenbelt trail is a five-mile paved trail that runs on both sides of the Snake River. You can walk it, bike it, or take a short stroll and only cover a part of the trail. There are beautiful riverside views along the way, as well as a 600-foot-wide waterfall. Whilst you’ll be in nature along the trail, there are also many amenities like shops and restaurants along the way. It’s difficult to believe that such a beautiful natural area exists right here in Idaho Falls. On your city break, this is the ideal location to get away from the noise and crowds.

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4. Schweitzer Mountain Resort

If you enjoy winter sports, make the most of your trip to Idaho by visiting Schweitzer Mountain Resort. It’s the largest ski area in Idaho and Washington, so there’s no doubt about it being the best. Schweitzer Mountain’s slopes are 11 miles from Sandpoint. The town is alive and well, with many lodging, dining, and rental options. There are many slopes to explore, with something for every skill level. Another advantage of this resort is that it has tree skiing routes where you can test your skills by swerving between tree trunks deep in the forest.

5. Sawtooth National Recreation Area

The SNRA is the kind of place where you’ll want to spend several days. The SNRA’s 300 alpine lakes and 40 mountain peaks above 10,000 feet make it a popular destination for nature and wildlife enthusiasts in Idaho. If you want to do a multi-day hike, the most difficult part will be deciding which sections of the 700-mile trail to visit. You can pitch your tent at a nearby campground and leave your belongings there while you explore the mountains. If you’d rather sleep in a comfortable bed in town, the park is only a 15-minute drive from Sun Valley.

6. Museum of Idaho

The Idaho Museum of History has exhibits ranging from history to science. You can learn about Idaho from the ground up by exploring the artefacts that tell the story of the state’s history, from its wild west days to the present. They host exciting events, such as days where you can meet actual scientists working in the industry. 

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