Do MS Programs Accept GRE scores?

Do MS Programs Accept GRE scores?

Have you decided to pursue a master’s abroad? Then you must have already heard about how important GRE scores are for your admission. Majority of universities abroad consider GRE scores as an important eligibility criteria for their MS programs. An outstanding GRE score improves your chances of getting admission to your dream university. But, how do you know what the minimum GRE scores needed for MS in universities abroad are? Worry not! We’ve collated a list of top universities and the respective GRE cut-off scores needed for the MS programs in this article. So, read on.

GRE Cut-Off Scores for MS Abroad

The GRE scores for MS programs would vary depending on the field of your study and the university you choose. Hence, if you are planning to pursue a master’s degree in any field (such as science, law, business, etc.), you should have a detailed understanding of the GRE scores required for the programs.

Given below is a list of top universities in the world that offer MS programs. We have also listed the GRE Verbal and Quant cut-off scores required for admissions.

UniversityGRE Verbal Cut-OffGRE Quantitative Cut-Off
Stanford University155-160155-160
Massachusetts Institute of Technology155-162158-162
Oxford University160+160+
California Institute of Technology158-164155-160
Princeton University159-165156-165
University of Chicago155-163160-167
Columbia University163+157-163
Cornell University160+159-162+
John Hopkins University154-161160-164
University of Michigan154-161160-164

As you can see from the table, the GRE cut-offs for MS programs in top universities are relatively high. Hence, you might have to put a lot of time into GRE preparation to get a top percentile and stand out from other applicants. Try to achieve a percentile that is way higher than the cut-off, rather than aiming for just the minimum. The best way to improve your GRE score is by solving as many GRE exam previous year question papers as you can on a regular basis. The official GRE website or the Official Guide to GRE general test offers a lot of practice questions and solutions that replicate the actual GRE test papers. Besides, a lot of online websites provide sample question papers these days. However, while choosing a website make sure the information and the questions are credible. You can find this out by comparing the questions given on such websites with those on the official site. As well as check for the dates when it has been updated and more.

How Are the GRE Scores Calculated?

The GRE scores are calculated by converting raw scores to scaled scores. Raw scores are calculated based on the total number of questions you answer correctly. Then, the raw score is converted to a scaled score through an equating process. Once you attempt the test paper, you can easily calculate your scores using the GRE raw to scaled score chart. However, a good score is not the only parameter that decides your eligibility for an MS program. Other factors such as your previous academic score, letters of recommendation, SOP (Statement of Purpose), work experience, etc., also help in building a strong application. Hence, it is important to ensure you have all these requirements before starting your application process.

Pursuing an MS program in your dream university requires good preparation. Though a good GRE score can add value to your application, that alone can not guarantee admission for you. You have to consider other factors such as academic grades, work experience etc., as mentioned above. Hence, start your preparation and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements that are needed for the admissions. Good luck!

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