Explore Jim Corbett National Park’s Experiences in Luxurious Resorts and Hotels

Jim Corbett Resorts

Tourists from all over the world come to the Jim Corbett National Park to see and photograph its diverse animal species.

It is the home of many different kinds of animals, including aggressive tigers, peaceful elephants, timid deer, and other animals.

There are 586 unique species of rare birds that call this national park home, including the crested serpent eagle and the blossom-headed parakeet. It is tough not to lose yourself in this thrilling wilderness.

Nainital, which is situated in the Kumaon foothills, is home to both the Jim Corbett National Park and the Corbett Tiger Reserve Area.

These two parks may be found at elevations ranging from 385 to 1100 meters. This national park has activities that are enjoyable for people of all ages, including young children.

When you take a Jim Corbett Safari and visit the Tiger Reserve region, you will have the opportunity to become an integral part of this legendary adventure.

Best Time to Visit Corbett National Park

During all seasons of the year, visitors are welcome to explore Jim Corbett National Park.

This park stays open throughout the winter months, from October all the way through February. It is open from March until June during the warmer months.

Throughout the months of July and September, this place may become quite crowded with tourists during the monsoon.

As a result, if you have an insatiable appetite for the great outdoors, you may come here whenever you choose.

During your time in the Jim Corbett National Park, you will find that the hotels in the park provide both practical amenities and services that will warm your heart.

Throughout Jim Corbett National Park and its neighbouring regions, travellers have their choice of accommodations at resorts rated 3, 4, or 5 stars.

Visitors may also take in the verdant scenery of this national park from a distance while listening to the twittering of a variety of birds.

Hotels And Resorts Nearby Corbett National Park Provide a Variety of Facilities

  1. Some provide luxurious accommodations in villa-styled properties.
  2. Several resorts are located within national parks and thus offer an exciting stay.
  3. Several hotels provide personal sitting areas with views of the national park.

There are many premium and excellent Corbett Luxury Resorts in the Ramnagar and Kashipur regions. Jim Corbet National Park is a 15-kilometer journey away from these communities.

Ramnagar is linked by train and road to four major Indian cities: Delhi, Moradabad, Bareilly, and Nainital. As a result, wildlife enthusiasts residing in these cities may take a weekend trip to this national park.

What Does the Park Have to Offer?

Inside Jim Corbett National Park, there are a total of six separate zones known as Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durga Devi, and Sitabani Forest.

The visitors may choose from a variety of unique experiences available in each zone. You may take in the breath-taking sights of the untamed flora and animals while riding in a vehicle or at a canter.

You have the option of participating in either the inner or outer circle safari, depending on how enthusiastic you are.

You will be taken deep into the jungle by the inner circle, where you will have the opportunity to see tigers and elephants. where the outer circle transports you to a place where you may see animals like deer and birds.

These trips may be arranged at your hotel in Jim Corbett according to your own preferences. You may sate your hunger with regional specialties or cuisines from around the continent while staying at one of these hotels.

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