How To Sell On Amazon- A Complete Guide For Beginner


Want to learn how to sell on Amazon? But don’t know where to begin? This guide will help you to get started your business on Amazon.

Most of us use Amazon at least once a week to buy shampoo refills, electronics, or clothes. Amazon is the largest online shopping platform and most convenient place to shop. It is a customer-centric platform, and you will never face any issues as a buyer on Amazon.

If you are thinking of starting an online business, Amazon must be on your radar. This article has gathered all the indispensable information that you need to learn before starting your online journey with Amazon.

Basics Of Selling On Amazon

Amazon alone doesn’t have a warehouse in Seattle that is pumping the products worldwide. Instead, this e commerce giant has fulfillment centers all around the globe that help FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers in storage, packaging, and shipping. Undeniably Amazon sells its own product under the brand Solimo, but most of the items sold on this platform are by third-party sellers.

About Third-Party Amazon Seller

In simple words, third-party sellers are individuals like you and us – who want to gain profitability by selling the most in-demand products on Amazon. Generally, third-party sellers do not manufacture objects by themselves; instead, they give orders to suppliers and list them on Amazon for sale.

The best thing about Amazon is that no experience is needed to start a career as an Amazon seller; even freshers or college graduates can start a business on this to earn a significant amount of bucks.

You might not know that around 1.5 million active users presently sell their products on Amazon. Not just that, it has been estimated that at the end of the year, approximately 500,00+ new vendors will join this e-commerce site. As innumerable people are eager to open their own Amazon shop, the e-commerce industry has started to offer education over the years. The aim is to ease the lives of ambitious entrepreneurs. This includes the following points.

  • In House Ads Services

You can advertise your product on Amazon to increase its visibility and sales. Amazon offers a PPC service with which you can bid on the most profitable keywords to bring your services or products in the eye of potential buyers. In addition, there are several Amazon advertising software available on the internet that help you to choose the best target keywords for your listing.

  • FBA

As discussed above, FBA is a “Fulfilled by Amazon” system that allows anyone to sell easily from any part of the world. The FBA sellers don’t have to bother about inventory management, storage, and shipping. The Amazon team handles everything.

  • Ecosystem Services Of Amazon

Amazon also offers several seller courses and active social media communities so that you will never feel alone in the online selling journey.

How Does Selling On Amazon Work?

There are two types of selling models on Amazon: FBM & FBA. Let us discuss both in detail.

FBM Sellers-:

FBM is nothing but fulfillment by merchants. In this type of model, sellers themselves are responsible for storing, handling, and shipping the products.

Some benefits of FBM selling are finer inventory control and cost-effectiveness. In addition, in this kind of sale, you don’t have to pay any service fee to Amazon.

FBA Sellers-:

This type of selling style is best for those who don’t want to focus on building their brand. FBA sellers don’t have to worry about the storage, packaging, shipment, and product return. However, they need to pay a service fee to Amazon for all these services.

How Can Amazon Advertising Tools Help?

Amazon advertising software like Helium10, Scale Insights, Camelcamelcamel can help you identify the best product to sell on AMZ, find the best manufacturers, and choose the right keyword for AMZ PPC.

The Bottom Line-:

This was all about Amazon selling. I hope you like the article and have a clear idea about different types of Amazon selling models.


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