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best LPU distance education MA English syllabus


The program of MA is also called Master of Arts. This course is a postgraduate degree that can be pursued by students who have completed their graduation (they are known as undergraduate courses). There are several specializations from which candidates have to choose one, which will define their field of career. MA focuses on the subjects taught in the undergraduate program or BA and goes deep into the concepts of your specialization, which will help the candidates gain knowledge and skills in the field of their career.


  • The basic eligibility criteria to pursue LPU distance education MA English syllabus is that the students must have graduated from a recognized institution, university, college and must have secured a valid percentage of marks.
  • The full form of M.A is Masters of Art. Only those candidates who have completed their graduation will be eligible to pursue MA in the subject of their choice.
  • There are few universities or institutions that may also ask for an entrance exam to check if the students are capable of getting admission to a certain course or not. To know more about the course, you can even check the website of the university and know about the LPU distance educationMA English syllabus, specializations in the Master of Arts, more extensively.

Syllabus of MA Course

The program of the best LPU distance education MA English syllabus (Master of Arts) has several specializations, and each specialization has its own syllabus. The LPU distance education MA English syllabus is created in such a way that the candidate will get in-depth information or knowledge of the specific subject in this course. Check the syllabus of specializations chosen by students such as MA English.

Introduction to Linguistics  Linguistics and English Language  
Poetry I (Chaucer to Blake)
Poetry II (Wordsworth to Arnold)
Poetry III (Hopkins to Ted Hughes)
Indian Literature in English I/American Literature-I
Indian Literature in English II/American Literature II Drama I (Marlowe to Wilde excluding Shakespeare) Drama II (Shakespeare)
Drama III (Twentieth Century Drama) Prose    
Fiction I (Defoe to Hardy)
Fiction II Literary Criticism & Theory I
Literary Criticism & Theory II
Indian Literature in
Translation/New Literatures in English/Women Writing      

Offered Salary after Pursuing Master of Arts Course Program

LPU has a dedicated placement center that will help students get job offers from MNC’s and other big organizations. They also help students prepare for interviews and other tests if requires by the company.

The salary offered to a candidate who has completed their Master of Arts program with specialization will be having salary offers according to the demands of the specialization field. For example, a Spanish, translating company, the firm will have a demand for candidates who know Spanish, and candidates who have to try to get the same will get a high level of income.


A Master of Arts program will give candidates a strong academic background, which will be very useful for their careers. It also provides the candidates with suitable job opportunities or a lot of chances.

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