Viral Video: This Unique ‘Fusion’ Gulab Jamun Has Divided The Internet

There is no dearth of bizarre food on the internet. Every now and then, we come across some weird foods which are concoctions made by foodies online. These fusion foods often go viral, garnering mixed reactions from internet users. Recently, we saw the ‘Pizza cone’ which is nothing, but a conical structure stuffed with a pizza-flavoured filling. And now, a unique fusion Gulab Jamun has taken the internet by storm. Unlike your usual Gulab Jamun, this one is infused with an interesting ingredient. Watch the video of the bizarre concoction here:

The video was shared on Facebook by Kirik Adda, and it has raked in over 5.1 million views till date. In the clip, we could see Gulab Jamun being injected with rum. Each gulab jamun was filled with the liquor with the help of a small plastic injection, and then a small quantity was also poured on top. The colour of the rum resembled that of the sugar syrup, thus making the fusion Gulab Jamun look deceptive.


The idea of this fusion gulab jamun left internet users divided. Some users praised the creator of the video for his genius trick of camouflaging alcohol in the Indian sweet. Others thought it was a “criminal offence” as a classic dessert like gulab jamun should not be tampered with.

This is not the only dish made with gulab jamun to have gone viral in the recent past. In August last year, a food blogger created pancakes made with gulab jamun mix. The pancakes were then drizzled with sugar syrup and doused in sugar syrup. Click here to read more.

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Gulab Jamun pancakes had been created by a food blogger earlier.

If fusion gulab jamun is not your type, we have just the recipe you need. This quick and easy bread gulab jamun can easily be made at home and requires just a handful of ingredients. The best part is that this yummy dessert will be ready in a matter of just half an hour. Click here for the full recipe.



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