What are the requirements to fulfill by the PWD minister for the Punjab people?

pwd minister Punjab

When a country gets the best ruling party, you can say that it is the luckiest nation. The main reason is that nation people can receive multiple facilities, sound schemes, and many employment opportunities. Therefore, it improves the lifecycle of that nation’s people fabulously. 

Why should a nation have the best ruling party?

If a nation does not have an excellent ruling party, everything mentioned earlier does not happen. People struggle for everything such as education, transport facilities, road facilities, work opportunities, and for many things in their lifespan, they have to struggle. Even though you have elected a great person, then the ministers around them and all the party members should behave and rule honestly. When many elected members perform honestly, others do not mean people cannot benefit from their ruling. 

Due to that, the nation should have the best ruling party with great honest and trustable members. Punjab is one of the improving nations in India; a few months ago, the ruling party in Punjab has got changed. The most exciting thing to know about the person who has been selected as the Chief Minister is that he is the first individual who has got a high number of votes and was elected by the people from Dalit.

How is a PWD minister influential?

The name of that person is Charanjit Singh Channiin most elections, people did not select a person from the Dalit, but he got selected by people because of his significant activities. When he was selected as a CM, he has created a cabinet minister for various positions such as pwd minister Punjab, education minister, and many more. He provided the minister position to the most talented individuals to honestly handle every department without any huge issues.

Everyone knows how a pwd minister Punjab is most important for solving public welfare issues. If you wonder who is that tremendous PWD minister then it is Vijay Inder Singla. Before functioning as a PWD minister, he has performed many roles by being elected by the people. He has completed the Engineering course in computer science since he has had a considerable interest in political activities from his academic days.

What are the roles of a minister?

Even though he is performing great in his education, he chooses to do social welfare activities and prefers to reach his goal in politics. Due to his complex works and efforts, he slowly got enhanced in politics and elected the people for various positions. He has been elected for the youth congress and many positions; he got elected because he is very familiar with the people due to his activities.

Without the minister’s permission, any other public welfare government authorities can’t implement anything they want. He has to take care of electricity, water facilities, road facilities, and many more public things. But, on the other hand, he has provided innovative playgrounds, class teaching methods for the students, and people are gaining a great benefit from him.

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