Why You Need to Be Carrying a Swiss Army Knife

There’s a reason that “Swiss Army Knives for sale” gets tons of searches every day. It’s because these are some of the most popular knives and tools in the industry and they have some of the widest appeal of all. You’ll find more hikers, hunters, campers, fishermen, and handymen looking for Swiss Army Knives than (probably) almost any other brand. The brand recognition Victorinox enjoys is incomparable.

So what is it that makes Swiss Army Knives so popular? How come, well over 100 years since they were first introduced, are they still some of the most recognizable knives and tools in the world?

Consistent Branding (It’s a Classic)
For over 130 years, Victorinox, which produces Swiss Army Knives and tools, has produced its goods in Switzerland. There are few other knifemakers that can boast the same longevity.

Opinel still produces knives in France, and Mora knives are made in Sweden. Some American manufacturers produce domestically, but Victorinox has been consistent throughout its history for the same.

High-Quality Materials and Price: Value
Many Swiss Army Knife tools are made with aluminum or polymer scales, and all of them feature high-quality, durable stainless steel blades, all at an attractive price.

What makes this so amazing is that the junction of price and quality is so impressive that it basically shuts out competitors. It’s not worth buying an SAK fake because the quality of the real thing is so good that cheap imitators just aren’t worth, it and aren’t that much cheaper if they are at all.

There’s an SAK for every person, for every task, from larger fixed blade knives to the Camper which contains tons of different tools, all the way down to the Classic SD, the little lozenge-shaped tool that’s universally recognized. Modern Swiss Army Knife multi-tools could have upwards of 20 different tools.

The Non-Intimidating Factor
For better or worse, there are some people that just get jittery when they’re around knives. Also for better or for worse, Swiss Army Knives seem to fail to produce this effect on most.

Whatever you want to say about their utility, they are unintimidating. It could be the rounded, lozenge-shaped design or the colorful red branding, but they just work for carry in areas where other knives would be verboten.

Lots of Different Designs
There are tons of classic Swiss Army Knife designs, including complex folding tools with upwards of 20 different functions, bit drivers, saws, scalers, and more, all the way down to the Classic SD which is little more than a keyring with a nail file, scissors, and a small blade.

The point is, wherever you need to go, Victorinox can go there with you and outfit you with the tools you need for success.

Ease of Carry
The classic shape of a Swiss Army Knife is a lozenge-shaped design with no sharp corners or harsh edges. These can slip into a pocket, a pack, a drawer, or a glove box where they will provide limitless utility but barely take up any room.

While some are compatible with specifically designed sheaths and holsters, even a naked Swiss Army Knife can be carried pretty comfortably in a pocket, where you’ll forget you even have it till you need it.

Where Can You Get Swiss Army Knives for Sale?
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