10 Guidelines for Article Submission: Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites

In Your Title, Avoid Using All Capital Letters:

People dislike being screamed at. Using capital letters is equivalent to shouting and looks bad. There aren’t many article submission sites that enable you to use ALL CAPS in your headline.

Only Use HTML When Asked:

Nothing is more annoying for an editor than having to remove HTML because you did not follow the requirements. If the website requests no HTML, do not include any.

Use Only Simple HTML:

If you are allowed to use HTML, stick to the fundamentals. For example, (P)aragraph, (B)old, (I)talicized, (LI)st bullets, (A) link, and so on. These HTML tags are regarded as fundamental and are often accepted when submitting your content in HTML format.

Avoid Using Articles to Promote Your Services Inside the Content:

Nothing is worse than reading an article and seeing 10 links owned by the author placed inside the material.

Understandably, there are situations when you have something special to assist others with and you need to get the word out; I want to see such marketing, but only if it is valuable to the readers and is FREE, not a paid service or product.

Try not to use this one-of-a-kind content in every single article you produce. This information will subsequently be rendered somewhat worthless by the editors, who may even remove that part.

Find 5 New Article Submission Websites to Use:

Make it a habit to identify 5 new article submission sites to submit to once a week if you submit articles once a week. I promise that new content submission websites will appear on a weekly basis.

We are continually discovering new sites to submit to, so your search is not limited. Enter “article submission sites” or “where to submit articles to?” into Google.

Here are 5 newer article submission sites:

Ezine Articles

Article Ted

Article Senior

Hub Pages

Sooper Articles

Do Not Submit Press Releases as Tips:

A press release and an instructive article are not the same thing. Press releases are only used to announce corporate news. Useful articles educate people on a given topic (not about your company).

Get Editors to Edit Your Articles:

There are so many writers seeking to establish a name for themselves these days.

It is important that you get your article proofread by an editor, friend, colleague, or someone who is really skilled at spelling and grammar checks.

Try To Write Something Unique to The Industry:

Individuals are writing about the same subject all around the world. If you actually want to stand out, consider writing about issues that hardly anyone covers. If you uncover anything new, look into what others are saying about it.

Keep Your Author Bio Short and Sweet:

Keep your author biography brief and to the point. Nothing is worse than viewing an article submission and discovering that the majority of the article material is contained inside the author profile.

Just one phrase and a few links. Most submission sites will allow you to include up to three links in your resource box.

Don’t Copy Other People’s Content:

This topic is extremely entertaining. We have discovered individuals taking our content and merely altering the title to claim it as their own.

Such a pity! If you use someone else’s material, just use it for research purposes and not for self-promotion and fame.

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