11 Questions to Ask Your eCommerce SEO Agency

The industry is awash with eCommerce SEO agencies, but no two are created equal.

If it feels like choosing a strategic partner to meet the unique needs of your business is more work than it’s worth, it isn’t.

Choosing the right agency partner to buoy your eCommerce business to success is one of the most important decisions you can make.

These questions can help you narrow down your choices and become more confident in your selection.

1.How many years have you been working as an eCommerce SEO agency?
The longer, the better, especially since older agencies have been around long enough to remember what SEO was in the old days. Age also equates to expertise in the sense that it really shows adaptability.

2.What other clients have you served in my industry?
You want to hire an eCommerce SEO agency to manage your marketing strategies, but we can also confidently assume that you want them to be familiar with your niche, right?

3.What is your link-building process like?
Not all links are the same. There are high-quality and low-quality backlinks. Ask about the sources of the links and how they will be posted, as well as what content will be associated with them, specifically. Low-quality backlinks can incur a penalty!

4.How will you optimize the content on my website and what specifically will you deliver?
Not all eCommerce websites have the same needs in terms of on-page optimization. For instance, if you only have a few product pages, it should be easy for an eCommerce SEO strategy to include them all in scope.

The services should also include a content publication schedule for long-form content, such as blogs.

5.What technical errors will you fix and address?
We could write a whole article on the different types of technical ranking signals there are out there, such as site structure, code, metadata, URL structure, site speed, security, and so much more. Ask about all of them.

6.Will you provide development support?
Some SEO ranking signals legitimately require development work to optimize. Consequently, you should partner with an eCommerce SEO services provider that also delivers these.

7.What sort of eCommerce platforms have you worked with in the past?
Not a make-or-break issue, but it’s best to work with a provider that understands the platform your online store is built on – be it BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, WordPress, or even something else.

8.Do you have case studies or reviews I can check before signing?
Reviews, especially on third-party websites, are some of the most credible sources of information about an agency. Also, case studies may offer some insight into actual success stories.

9.How will you track the success of this eCommerce SEO campaign?
Look for an agency that will closely monitor all user behavior metrics, such as traffic and conversion rates. They should also provide you with detailed reporting on target keyword fluctuations, impressions, and organic rankings.

10.Do you offer paid search marketing services as well?
Paid search marketing often plays into the long-term success of eCommerce SEO. Work with a provider that can optimize your current eCommerce PPC project as well.

11.What other organic marketing services can you offer?
One of the most important things you can do for your eCommerce store is to choose an SEO agency that also offers other organic marketing services since these work together with SEO to improve brand awareness and credibility for your eCommerce site.

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