3 Factors That Impact an Airsoft Rifle’s Accuracy in a Big Way

Whether you just picked up a new airsoft rifle or you’ve been shooting over the old platform for a while and have started to notice inconsistencies, you might need a refresher on the factors that impact accuracy.

The good thing is, if your groups are starting to wander, especially at short ranges, there might be something you can do about it. Look into these factors and see if you need to change anything up.

The Quality of the Inner Barrel
Airsoft guns have two barrels, as you likely already know. It has an aesthetic outer barrel that has nothing to do with performance and an inner barrel that actually contacts the airsoft ammo.

Most high-quality inner barrels are made from stainless steel, but some are made from more affordable brass. Steel barrels are corrosion resistant and offer much more consistent groups overall.

Over time, brass barrels can oxidize, which will create small deformities that can throw off accuracy.

If your rifle has a brass barrel, consider upgrading it with higher quality, tight-bore stainless steel barrel and you may see your accuracy improve in kind.

The Airsoft Ammo You’re Shooting
There is such a thing as flat-out bad airsoft ammo. Cheap ammo is made from low-quality polymers and plastics and is fused from two halves, with a visible, noticeable seam in the middle. You can’t make this ammo accurate no matter what you do.

But if you are shooting high-quality, polished, one-piece airsoft ammo and groups still wander, the problem may be that your ammo is too light.

Powerful airsoft rifles sometimes don’t offer good performance or accuracy with light pellets. The air resistance proves too much for them, making the shots skew off to the left or right. Occasionally, shots will dip unpredictably as well.

You might see .20g BBs as a standard, but if you’re shooting a powerful AEG or airsoft sniper rifle, consider bumping up your airsoft ammo weight to .25, .28, .30, or even heavier airsoft ammo. The most powerful airsoft sniper rifles can even hop .40g BBs and will be more accurate with them anyway.

The Condition of the Hop-Up System
Finally, the condition of the hop-up system can seriously impact the accuracy and range of an airsoft rifle. Regardless of whether you shoot a spring rifle, a gas blowback (GBB airsoft rifle), or even an electric-powered airsoft AEG rifle, the hop-up puts spin on BBs, making them more stable in flight and even potentially extending their range.

One thing to check is the hop-up’s seal. If the seal wears down, some of the pressure will escape, impacting range and accuracy.

More important is the hop-up’s bucking, which imparts spin on the BBs before it enters and ultimately exit the barrel. When buckings wear down, they can no longer provide adequate spin, and accuracy suffers.

The good news is if your hop-up system isn’t performing, many airsoft guns will enable you to drop in an entirely new unit or just replace the bucking in the old one, which should help you restore accuracy.

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