4 Most Popular PPC Advertisements in 2022

In this ever-evolving digital world, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest trends, what entices potential customers (and what drives them away), and when and where to funnel their funds for truly effective advertising for growth.

Gone are the days of heavy reliance on billboards and posters for advertisements. These manners of reaching an audience are far too limiting, only reaching a small population of people instead of a seemingly infinite one. And that is why so many companies and other businesses are instead turning digital marketing for their advertising needs.

There are plenty of ways for advertisers to reach their target audience online, but there is one option that stands above them all: PPC advertising.

What is PPC?
PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is essentially a type of advertising that is as its name implies: where an advertiser pays each time someone clicks. This is an effective and enticing way for many businesses to reach their preferred audience because they are ultimately paying for the visits to their site and really seeing immediate results (for which they might be more inclined and even happier to pay).

PPC advertising exists on numerous platforms and networks, so it’s only appropriate you have a full understanding of which PPC advertisements are best (and, with that information, consider if you need an eCommerce PPC management team to help you out or not!). Let’s take a look at just the top four PPC advertisements of 2022.

1. Google Ads
Google Ads is the top dog in the PPC advertising world– and that is really not surprising to anyone. When you search from something in Google, the results that appear aim to answer your questions– but many of them are also PPC ads.

Google PPC ads appear in almost every Google search made– and there are 3.8 million Google searches per minute on average on an international scale, according to SEOTribunal.com. That statistic alone speaks volumes to what exposure PPCs ads can bring to any business!

2. Microsoft Ads (Bing)
The second most popular PPC advertising is Microsoft ads, which are on Bing. Bing is right behind Google in the popular search engine game. According to Backlinko, as of October 2021, it was announced that Bing received around one billion searches every month. And, more to the point of this article, the same study found that, in the fiscal 2021 year, Microsoft generated $8.5 billion in search advertising revenue.

3. Facebook Ads
PPC advertising works a bit differently on Facebook (and other social media networks) as these ads aren’t based on specific inquiries but more so on users’ interests, locations, and even demographics. However, when using Facebook ads, advertisers can reap substantial benefits, as 1.62 billion people use the platform every day!

4. Instagram Ads
Instagram is indeed owned by Facebook (and there are well over 1 billion users on Instagram alone), but it deserves its very own place on this list. Instagram PPC ads are so unique and meritable because they are easy to create, you can create a dedicated following with them, and you can utilize the highest engagement rate from users!

That’s right: Instagram users are far more likely to engage with accounts than any other social media network. According to a 2018 study by Yotpo, it was estimated that Instagram users are 38x more likely to engage than any other social media platform. That alone can make your business stand out on the platform because the more engagement you have, the more views (and potentially conversions) you’ll have, too!

While this article may have purported that it is easy to create, post, and see instant results from these PPC ads, that unfortunately is not true. Because of how saturated these platforms are, it can be extremely difficult to stand out above your competitors. That is why hiring an outside team to assist in your eCommerce PPC management is so highly recommended.

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