8 Reasons to Invest in a Seven Mile Beach Condo

We have all daydreamed at one point or another about residing on a palm tree-saturated white sand beach, our home conveniently perched on it while we spend each and every day sunbathing and feeling relaxed, stress-free, and happy.

What if we told you that you could make that daydream a reality?

When you invest in a condominium in the Cayman Islands, you can have that type of experience. You’ll be really “living the dream,” as they say.

Nearly any location on any of the three islands could bode well for you, your family, and your lifestyle, but there really is nowhere quite like Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach condos are some of the most luxurious housing options on the island, providing modern comforts amongst tranquil Caribbean life.

Have we not convinced you yet? Let’s hope these eight reasons for investing in Seven Mile Beach condos can tip the scales for you.

1.Stellar Weather All Year Round

Did you know that the Cayman Islands experience over 300 days of sunshine per year? Most of the year is riddled with warmth and sunshine, the annual temperature averaging in the 80s. Plus, the territory doesn’t receive too much rain: only about 46 inches of rain per year!

2.Live on One of the Best Beaches in the World
Pair the luxurious weather with one of the best beaches in the world and you’ll certainly be glad you moved to Seven Mile Beach! Seven Mile Beach has been ranked by several publications for its impressive quality and beauty. MSN ranked it the twelfth best beach in the entire world, while Trip Advisor honored it as being the best beach in all the Caribbean!

3.Strong Tourism and Financial Industries
The most profitable industry in the Caymans, but especially in Seven Mile Beach and nearby George Town, is tourism. Right behind it is the financial industry. These two industries are consistently reliable and flourishing, so you can take advantage of both of them when living here (and maybe even rent out your condo to tourists!).

4.Diverse Population
While the islands overall may be classified as “small,” the population is surprisingly diverse. There are people, both locals and tourists, in Seven Mile Beach who originate from all over the world. When living in Seven Mile Beach, you’ll be privy to interactions with people from both near and far– and live an exciting social life to boot!

5.Pieces of “Home”
If you are from a Western country and choose to reside in Seven Mile Beach, you may sometimes want some reminders/pieces from home. Fortunately, because of the diversity in the area, you can easily find Western culture everywhere, including Western restaurants, bars, and more!

6.Cosmopolitan with a Relaxed, Laid Back Atmosphere
Seven Mile Beach is right down the road from George Town, the territory’s capital. The city is rather cosmopolitan yet it boasts that relaxed, laid back island “vibe.” While living in Seven Mile Beach, you will be experiencing that stress-free, happy island atmosphere while conveniently nestled in a cosmopolitan area.

7.Stunning Nature
The nature is truly second to none, whether you are on land, on the beach, or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters! Living in the Caribbean, but especially on Seven Mile Beach, will supply you with a surrounding of mesmerizing natural beauty every day.

8.Superb Real Estate Investment
The ROI on real estate investments, like Seven Mile Beach condos, is extremely high. It’s an investment that you can have confidence in and quickly reap the benefits of.

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