9 Big Mistakes You Could Make for Your Shopify Store

Naturally, the success of your business is of vital importance to you. Your business is your life’s work, your passion, your motivation to do what you love more frequently and with gusto– and trust us when we say we love to see that.

For those who own an eCommerce business in particular, however, that love for your business can only get you so far. This is because there is a slew of moving parts that are within your eCommerce “machine,” most of which require more than just love. These parts require close consideration, monitoring, additions, deductions, measuring, fixing– and it all can be overwhelming.

On top of all that up-keep (and its stress), you have to be aggressively diligent with it all– and if you make one mistake, it could cost you potential customers, potential success, and yes– potential sales.

We certainly do not want that for your beloved business.
That’s what we aim to help you with today: spotlight nine of the biggest mistakes you can make for your Shopify store so you won’t make them in the future and your business can truly take off.

1.Designing your store’s layout carelessly
No one likes a website that is unpleasant to the eye. Make sure that your color schemes aren’t too bright or offensive. Your store should also be easy to navigate, welcoming, not have any broken links, and appear overall professional.

2.Focusing on how your store looks only on a desktop
While people do tend to use their computers quite a lot, people also use their phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices to browse the internet. When designing your store, don’t only see how it looks on a desktop but for all devices.

3.Using images that are not compressed
Using non-compressed images leads to significantly slower loading times. When your website takes too long to load, customers are quick to bounce– and never come back. Make sure you compress your images (and that they still appear to be high-quality!).

4.Adding every app possible
It might seem like a good idea to offer a ton of apps, but don’t do it. You can provide your customers with added functionality with Shopify apps, sure, but too many will overload your website making it appear spammy and load slowly.

5.Not reacting to incomplete checkouts
There will come times when your customers will not complete their purchases for various reasons. If you notice this, address it politely! Have an email system set up where you kindly remind your customers to complete their checkout– and they are far more likely to do so with that friendly nudge.

6.Setting SEO to the side
Not optimizing your Shopify pages is easily one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Conducting keyword research and optimizing your store for a higher Google ranking is key to increasing organic traffic and conversion rates.

7.Not adding in an optimized blog
By adding a blog to your website that is properly optimized for SEO, you are increasing your amount of content along with your authority, and therefore your chances of ranking higher on search results. In doing so, you are more likely to appear to your desired audience.

8.…And not editing it (and your other content) for mistakes
Having spelling and grammatical mistakes in your page content can stand out to your potential customers– and not in a good way. They may bounce quickly as you can appear unreliable, lazy, or overall “sketchy.” Comb your content and fix any of these issues. When you do, you’ll present yourself and your store far better.

9.Not trying professional Shopify SEO Services
It never hurts to get outside help, like professional Shopify SEO services. When you opt for these services with 1Digital Agency®, in particular, they will take care of all the above– and plenty more. That way, you can focus less on your website and more on your actual business– and have peace of mind to boot!

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