A Shopify SEO Company Clarifies 4 Myths About eCommerce

As I was looking into new ways to set up a new eCommerce store on Shopify, I found a lot of negative information around some platforms, especially Shopify.

I was baffled by this because I know a ton of companies that have experienced tremendous growth on Shopify, and they can´t help praising the platform to the skies.

And if we look at the numbers, Shopify hasn´t stopped its relentless growth for years, especially after the events of 2020.

So I decided to contact Genius eCommerce, an experienced Shopify SEO company, so they can help me clarify some of the myths surrounding this platform, and see if it makes sense for me to host my next website on Shopify.

This is what they told me:

Myth #1: Shopify Has Become Too Complicated
This is something many new customers tell us. It seems that the barrage of articles about Shopify´s new themes, layouts, and payment options, has somehow convinced readers that the platform just went off the rails. But, in fact, these changes have actually made it easier for merchants to set their shops up, manage their inventory, and get paid without a hassle, which is something you would not dream of a couple of years ago.

Myth #2: Shopify Limits Your Options
This one is technically true. However, this only matters if your store needs a super exotic feature that must be built from the ground up by an expert developer that will charge a ton of money just to provide the solution and then force you to keep them on retainer forever.

That said, the latest Shopify updates do allow experienced devs to expand your range of options in case some features need to be tweaked for your store to function properly. A competent Shopify SEO company should be able to provide virtually any kind of setup you want without making you feel you´re being extorted.

Myth #3: Shopify Is Expensive
This is simply not true. The platform offers several plans that are easily adjusted to your sales volume and reach. Their Lite plan allows you to use your social media business profile as a store for less than $13 a month in case you´re just testing the waters. And for less than $30 a month they provide a wealth of hosting options to help your business grow. The best part is that these plans are scalable, so you only spend more if you expect to get more in return.

Myth #4: Shopify Is Not SEO Ready
This myth is the most common as a lot of people remember when Shopify was solely focused on product display and sales. When it became clear that website performance and content management were vital for SEO, Shopify quickly adapted. Today, the platform provides incredible tools that increase your website’s performance and allow merchants to seamlessly integrate their content strategy and boost their ranks through tried and true marketing techniques.

If you want to know more about the platform or are curious about how a Shopify SEO company can help your business grow, visit Genius eCommerce and start your journey towards success.

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