Are Cheap Airsoft Guns Worth the Money?

Airsoft is one of those sports that is surrounded by a mystique of “being more expensive than it needs to be.” Despite the myth, this isn’t fly fishing or horseback riding, people. Airsoft can be as expensive, or as cheap, as you make it – seriously.

Case in point: “cheap” airsoft guns. There are plenty of entry-level AEGs and GBB pistols that won’t break the bank but deliver far more value than you would assume from their sticker prices.

What Is a “Cheap” Airsoft Gun
First off, to be clear, opinions vary on what cheap is. If you’re thinking of a $45 dollar airsoft rifle as cheap, it’s not going to cut it. First off, if it even exists, it’ll be a spring rifle, which, except in the case of airsoft sniper rifles, is basically unusable for competition.

So in that respect, “cheap” airsoft guns are not worth it. But, since we (and most others like us) define “cheap” as below 200, or even below 300 dollars, then yes, there are some very high-quality cheap airsoft rifles out there.

Generally speaking, airsoft guns between 200 to 300 dollars are also sometimes considered mid-level guns, with AEGs and other airsoft rifles of 300-400 dollars or more considered mid-high end or just high-end. You can however spend much more than this.

But back to the point here, which is that cheap airsoft guns actually can represent a good investment.

Many entry-level guns in the sub-200 to 300 range, which some consider cheap, feature durable polymer or all-metal construction, with adjustable hop-up systems, high-quality triggers, powerful motors, and upgradeable all-metal gearboxes that can deliver and sustain high rates of fire and significant power.

Even if this were not the case, many “cheap” airsoft guns are still highly upgradeable and customizable. If you don’t like a barrel, swap it out for a high-end tight-bore model; if your gearbox leaves something to be desired, upgrade it to a version with metal bearings.

On that note, motors, triggers, and even electrical connections can be upgraded, too. On top of that, many airsoft guns can be altered with different grips, stocks, and airsoft attachments that make them much more practical as competitive tools.

Should You Just Buy a Mid or High-End AEG to Start with?
If you have the money and you have your eye on an expensive airsoft rifle that you know meets your needs, by all means, have at it.

Just know that there are many affordable airsoft guns out there that offer high-end performance and can be upgraded to deliver even more. The G&G CM16 Raider, Lancer Tactical Battle X, Lancer Tactical LT-06-G2 M4A1, and Lancer Tactical Gen 3 M4 all come to mind. They all “shoot” way over their respective weight (price) classes.

Where Can You Get Cheap Airsoft Guns (That Are Only Cheap in Name)
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