Best Things to do for Kids in the Idaho

If you’re looking for unspoiled natural beauty, Idaho is the place to be. It has spectacular skiing in the winter and glistening waterfalls in the summer. Idaho had so many amazing things to offer.

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1. Silver Mountain Resort

This fantastic ski resort is open for nonstop fun 24 hours a day, seven days a week! In Kellogg, Idaho, the Silver Mountain Resort has 73 trails, 1,600 acres of skiable area, 760 cm of snowfall, and Idaho’s largest indoor waterpark! This is a fantastic winter vacation spot for skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing.

These winter sports are among the most thrilling in Idaho. They also provide lessons to assist you in learning the ropes. Biking and golf are popular summer activities. There are many amenities available if you plan to stay for the night or even a week.

2. Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch

The Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch is a family-owned ranch that is home to some of the most stunning alpacas in the state! They are pleasant and enjoyable to spend time with. If you’re curious, the ranch offers self-guided and guided tours to help you get to know this lovely place.

They also have miniature horses, which are too cute. If you want to stay, they also have a private 100-year-old cottage where your family can live. If you want to express your gratitude with your relatives and best friends, they also have cute holiday gifts.

3. Shoshone Falls Park

Shoshone Falls Park is without a doubt one of Idaho’s most picturesque destinations. This immense fall is bigger than Niagara Falls and that helps explain why it would be decided to name this same “Niagara of the West”. Shoshone Falls is one of America’s largest waterfalls, standing hundreds of feet tall and wide.

It’s breathtaking. To allow more people to enjoy it, certain areas are wheelchair accessible. The falls are critical to the local economy and agriculture (irrigation). Indigenous peoples have also benefited from the falls.

4. Heyburn State Park

Heyburn State Park is Idaho’s oldest state park and has a wide range of activities. The park has 16 miles of biking, hiking, and horseback riding trails. To enjoy the beautiful waters, you can go fishing or rent a canoe. This is an excellent location for getting in touch with nature. You can take a guided tour and learn about the calm waters, beautiful flowers, and hundreds-year-old pine trees. If you want to relax and enjoy your time here, you can camp, picnic, birdwatch, rent a cabin, or take a peaceful stroll on the boardwalk. The indigenous peoples place a high value on this park.

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5. Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

The Old Idaho Penitentiary Site is one of the most exciting attractions to see in Idaho. This former prison has been converted into a tourist attraction and gallery. Thousands of male and female prisoners were present, and they even assisted in the construction of parts of the 500-acre prison. There are many historic structures to visit, including the maximum-security zone. There is a museum attached with fascinating artefacts dating back thousands of years.

6. Boise Art Museum

The house comes from established as well as emerging artists. There are tours obtainable if you don’t know where to start. Your children can also attend summer programs and courses at the museum. This is critical if you want to instil in them a love of the arts. You can also expand your knowledge of the arts by participating in their numerous classes, events, and programmes.

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7. Idaho Botanical Garden

The Idaho Botanical Garden represents one of the loveliest areas in Idaho, if not the entire country! The garden is split into 50 relatively small greenery and displays for the enjoyment of your family. Some of the trees in the backyard are decades old and were once inmates of the now-defunct Penitentiary State.

Some gardens include native wildlife and drought- and fire-resistant plants. There is also a lovely water garden with lilies and koi fish. There’s also a beautiful rose garden to enjoy. A diverse range of plant and animal life can be found in the garden.

8. Idaho Museum of Natural History

The Idaho Museum of Natural History represents one of the state’s most unappreciated places to visit. A huge collection of substances portraying Native American culture and tradition is also available. The Shoshone is a well-known indigenous group in Idaho. The museum is in Pocatello, Idaho, and has been within a week of Chief Pocatello, the Shoshone leader.

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