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We are a famous car service centre. It provides premium quality Pirelli tyres, Harrow. Quality and smooth services must get provided to drivers. We cater to vehicles of all models and makes. We have an experience of over two decades in the same. Our engineers use the latest technology for carrying out car services.

Visit our location to choose from a wide range of tyres and vehicle-related services, all of which are reasonably priced.


Our facility offers the following tyre types: – Summer tyres, winter tyres, and All-season tyres.

Run-flat tyres, Winter, 4×4, All-Season, Performance Tyres, All-Season Tyres

and many more tyres would get stocked.


A variety of car services are also available.  They have a thorough understanding of all technical issues. All types of replacement and repair services are available, and they must get done quickly.

Our list of services is as follows:

Mobile tyre fitting Harrow

Inspection and replacement of brakes

Alignment of the wheels

Balancing the wheels

Battery replacement and inspection

Premium car manufacturers prefer Pirelli tyres. As a result, this brand now has a global presence. This could be due to Pirelli’s custom-fit tyres, which would get tailored to each vehicle. Because of this extra effort, the Italian brand is the tyre of choice for high-end vehicles.

Pirelli tyres must get used by high-end brands such as Porsche and Ferrari. Pirelli tyres have a special contract with McLaren and Lamborghini. According to the contract, Pirelli will be the sole car tyre supplier to these brands. Pirelli provides tyres with special markings for the aforementioned car brands.

As a result, it is not incorrect to refer to Pirelli as the preferred partner of the majority of automobile manufacturers. Pirelli tyres are unique because of their unique design features. Each car manufacturer is given its own set of compounds, internal structure, and so on.


Non-racing customers prefer Pirelli tyres because they provide maximum performance, handling comfort, and safety. It sells tyres for a variety of vehicles, including SUVs, sports cars, and city cars. It carries a large selection of all-season, summer, and winter tyres.


All of our products are genuine and come with EU labels. We only buy tyres and products from the best brands with the best customer reviews. We value our customers’ trust and strive to provide them with the best products and services possible.

Longevity – Regular maintenance and servicing of your tyres and vehicle by our trained professionals will extend the life and performance of your vehicle by taking extra care of it.

Transparent: When it comes to our products and services, our team is always open and honest. Your bill does not contain any hidden fees or additional charges.

Lower fuel consumption- Our first-rate maintenance ensures that all of your components are running smoothly and without hiccups. A fully functional vehicle with no damaged components provides a comfortable ride while also saving money on gas.

Excellent Customer Service: Harrow strives for complete customer satisfaction. Our in-house technicians will walk you through the entire process and recommend the best solution for your vehicle’s issues.


Pirelli tyres are the best for cold-weather driving. Surprisingly, these tyres perform best when temperatures are below 7 degrees Celsius. The performance offered by the tyres remains unaffected under normal conditions. As a result, this tyre is an excellent choice for drivers who want to drive safely in cold weather. Investing in Pirelli tyres gives you the best of both worlds: premium quality tyres and cutting-edge technology.

You should now understand why Pirelli tyres are the best option for your vehicle.


All-season tyres

CinturatoTM All Season Plus

ScorpionTM All Season

ScorpionTM Verde All Season SF

Winter tyres

Zero Winter

Cinturato Winter

Summer tyres

Cinturato P7TM Blue

Cinturato P1TM Verde

Run-flat tyres

Cinturato P6

P Zero Rosso


We have a loyal following of customers who use their services on a regular basis. Ours is the place to go if you’re looking for the best tyres and services for your car.

Visit their website for more information.

Customers only need to provide us with information such as the vehicle’s registration number and tyre size. As a result, come see us for Pirelli Tyres Harrow to enhance your driving experience.

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