Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems Industry Size and Demand Forecast to 2030

The central vacuum cleaner system is a particular kind of vacuum cleaner device that is mounted inside a structure as a temporary installation. To remove dirt and trash from houses and buildings, central vacuum systems use tubing installed within the walls to transport the dirt particles to a collecting receptacle in distant utility space. The central vacuum cleaner systems market is expected to reach $948.9 million by 2030.

Systems with bags are widely favored in the central vacuum cleaner market, and the requirement for such systems is anticipated to grow significantly in the future since they are sanitary, simple to clean, and require less maintenance. However, bagless devices are mostly employed in environments where the dust contains metallic particles that might damage bags.

The central vacuum cleaner market is accounted for 60% share by ground-mounted systems, which are predicted to increase more quickly over the projection period. The rise is mostly due to the widespread use of central vacuum cleaners, which have more suction strength than wall-mounted systems, in non-residential spaces like commercial and hospital buildings.

However, because of their growing use in homes and small areas, with a range of over 6,000 sq. ft, the acceptance of wall-mounted devices is also projected to soar dramatically in the upcoming years. Cana-Vac, Drainvac, Trovac, and BEAM are the companies that provide the bulk of wall-mounted devices with a capacity of between 3,000 and 6,000 square feet.

Due to the rise of commercial facilities, the non-residential category, which previously held a larger market share of almost 70%, is expected to increase more rapidly in the coming years. Various industries with the big commercial sector, including industrial, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial, are among the non-residential. Since central vacuum cleaners are widely utilized in many different industries, including electrical and electronics, automotive, aviation, and semiconductors, the industrial category holds the biggest share in the central vacuum cleaner market.

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Additionally, because these systems can collect and safely dispose of toxic clinical waste at remote locations, healthcare facilities like clinics, hospitals, manufacturing sites, pharmaceutical labs, and medical research centers saw a significant increase in the adoption of these systems during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Additionally, the growth of the central vacuum cleaner market is predicted to be fueled by the rise in the emergence, awareness, and use of connected intelligent systems, or IoT-based technologies, in healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, it is expected that the residential sector would increase significantly during the next several years. This might be attributed to the rising demand for cutting-edge cleaning equipment brought on by an aging global population and dual-income homes. The kitchen and carpet are the two most common applications in this category, although waste collection and auto cleaning are also in high demand.

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