Choosing the right tyre for your car

Driving, riding, off-roading, rallying, racing, there can be an endless list of whatever we can do with our cars. But the thing is, like legs, tyres are necessary for the movement of cars. You could have a powerful engine, a 4×4 transmission, awe-inspiring design, but hey, if your ride doesn’t have proper tyres it ain’t going nowhere! Tyres will be the most overlooked important aspect of a car, overlooked mostly because cars have it and they are certainly not paid much attention to, unless they suffer damage or it’s time to change them.


It may as well be noted that your vehicle was created to run on specifically designed tyres and installing any tyre will not work. On this page we will be telling you about the nitties and gritties of choosing the correct tyres for your beloved car.

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Getting to know your tyres
Before you go out to choose a tyre for your car, become familiar with the ones that are there. Your car tyre has a plethora of information that you should know about, those numbers are not only for factory purposes but rather give you full information about the tyre. Let’s take a look at what they mean.

Go for the same size
The tyres that come with your car are the best ones fitted to your car or truck, unless you are looking to change your car’s ride quality. The point is if you go for tyres bigger than the approved size, it is going to have a tremendous impact on the ride, mileage and efficiency.

Choosing a bigger tyre for aesthetics or technical improvements can be sometimes not based on what the vehicle wants. For example, having a wider tyre can be an obstruction in the wheel well, while a taller tyre may possibly also have the same repercussions, not forgetting the effect it the way would have on the overall riding dynamics and of the vehicle. Your car’s speedometer reading will be skewed as the overall rotation of the wheel would be different. However, a small 3% increase in the overall tyre size is permissible for some vehicles. Consult a professional before you go for a bigger tyre. Never go for a smaller tyre as it won’t run the way you might intend it to and may cause a multitude of problems in the long run.

Choosing the tread pattern

The tread on the tyre is why is the tyres grip the trail and avoids slippage in wet weather conditions. In the market today there are extensive tread designs which enhance the overall look and ride quality of the vehicle. Here are the most frequent types of tread patterns.

Conventional or symmetrical tread
This tread type is the most typical and the most preferred as it can be mounted on the rim in any direction, can be utilized in any season and is cost efficient as well.

Asymmetrical tread
Different tread designs for different gripping purposes on different parts of the tyre. These tyres have a particular inside and outside section and really should be attached to the rim accordingly. The asymmetrical tread pattern helps with high speed cornering aside from providing better grip in several weather conditions.

Uni-directional tread
These tyres have the A or V type tread pattern and will be the most efficient when rotated in the specified direction. This sort of tread is best at channeling water and controlling tyre noise. Yes, the tread pattern helps in eliminating noise as well.

Apart from the above there are also tyre types suited for weather and terrain types. The snow tyres for example have characteristics like deeper grooves, spikes to aid grip while driving in the snow. However, you have got to make them changed once summer sets it. Another example is of the off road tyres, these have got big blocks like tread design to aid in grip while conquering obstacles. Best for off-roading but far better to get them changed if you wish to be on the road.

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