Heard the Buzz About Kapow Salts? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’ve already heard the term “nicotine salts” but you’re not quite sure what it is, let’s clear up one thing right away – this is not a “salty” salt like you put on food.

These are e-liquids that are in some ways very like other vape juices. They’re called salts because of the way they’re produced. Extracted nicotine is mixed with an organic acid – commonly benzoic acid – which changes the stability of the nicotine as well as how it is absorbed by the body.

So if you’re thinking about trying a brand like Kapow Salts, here’s what you should think about.

First, are nic salts right for you?

Are Nicotine Salts for You?
The first thing you should know about nic salts is that you shouldn’t get startled by the high nicotine concentrations. Because of the way in which nic salts are blended, they are more slowly absorbed by the body.

In addition, nic salts are beloved by users for their smoother throat hits. Mouth to lung vapers tend to love nic salts, and in addition, they don’t produce huge, heavy clouds – so they’re perfect for discrete vapers and let you get a nice hit without needing to fog up the entire area.

Nicotine salts, like Kapow Salts, are also more shelf-stable than freebase nicotine, so they last for longer without losing their flavor, fading, or changing colors. Also, since they are more potent, they’re more economical in vape devices, so you’ll go through less and probably need to refill less often.

One word to the wise, though – nic salts (Kapow Salt e-liquids included) are not recommended for sub-ohm tank systems and very powerful vape mods since they do have such a high nicotine concentration.

Why Kapow Salts?
Kapow Salts are some of the most popular nicotine salts in the vaping world. They are blended for unique flavors and optimal sweetness.

They’re blended with 50% VG and 50% PG and offer a delicate balance of flavors in a blend that’s designed not to fill your coils with residue – for a cleaner, more enjoyable experience.

Which Kapow Salts Should You Try?
Does it sound like nic salts, with their smooth hits and long-lasting nature, are right for you? If you’re interested in Kapow Salts (which are very popular in the industry) give some of these a try. They are all top sellers at Ill! HQ Vapor:

Flossin – A fruit raspberry strawberry duo.
Strappy – Apple and strawberry (hence the name!).
Stick It – Watermelon and strawberry.
Rocket Ship – Blended for a cool, smooth hit of blue raspberries and cherries – just like a slushie!
Rainbow Express – Pineapple, orange, raspberry lime, and cream with an icy touch for a cooling exhale.
Tropical – Mango, orange, lemon, and cream.
Off Route – Reminiscent of root beer.
Fizzy – Just like cola! If you like soda, this or the Off Route Kapow Salt is for you!
Super Sour – A unique blend of tart and sour citrus flavors.

Where Can You Pick Up These Kapow Salts (and Other Nic Salts and E-Liquids)?
Interested in trying one of these Kapow Salts for yourself to see if the nic salt experience is for you? Check out Ill! HQ Vapor’s online vape shop at IllHQ.com.

They carry a wide range of Kapow Salts, as well as many other popular nic salts, freebase liquids, pre-filled pods, and much more. They also carry vape devices, kits, refillable pod systems, and of course, super-convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use disposable devices.

Take a look at their website today via the link above and feel free to reach out to them directly at 905-735-9393 if you have any questions.

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