How to do Marketing and advertising on Facebook?

How to do Marketing and advertising on Facebook?

Marketing and advertising on Facebook?

Ask yourself what your business goals are on the Facebook social network

How to choose which social networks to advertise for my business? Why would we want to design an advertising strategy on Facebook to drive traffic to a fan page , increase the followers of an account, promote a publication or simply increase brand recognition?

These are questions that do not arise from the firm desire to indicate fear or insecurity, but rather guide us as a basis as to why we search Facebook for what other platforms and media do not allow. It is to understand ourselves as businessmen, content creators, but above all how to understand social media and its factors.

If your objective to generate content and traffic on Facebook is commercial, there are other factors that must be taken into account to make a group of users or visitors a community that interacts and lives from the content that is generated.

Analyze if doing marketing and advertising on Facebook will help you achieve those goals

Strategies, general ideas, methods and techniques. Yes, all of this allows us to execute an advertising campaign, but a concept dedicated to giving it the identity that Facebook marketing requires has not yet been found.

We are going to define marketing on Facebook as the entire set of efforts to generate traffic on Facebook . As an independent channel and above all. With a very particular personality in terms of the type of social network it is. In this way, content marketing , visual techniques or interactions with users. Occurs as the frequency that will give visibility to a brand or idea that needs traffic to generate actions.

We configure what is an advertising and digital marketing strategy for Facebook because we may not have the means to manage a strategy from a Blog or a social network. And if we have the medium, and we have decided to advocate for Facebook, then we must understand that this social network is a complete world where content needs interactions to be measured. Positioning does not occur due to technical issues that are registered in a Facebook advertising campaign. But due to the ability to generate valuable content when published .

Define your market at a commercial level on the Internet and on Facebook

Just before starting a business on Facebook. Or starting a campaign with advertising ads to increase the visibility of a brand. It is fair and necessary to recognize the market or niche that we want to attack. Recognition of its virtues, characteristics and particularities from a social field in reality. And social in the world of the internet.

In this way, by defining the market in which we seek to position ourselves. We will be able to identify who the competition is and how they are developing a marketing process on Facebook based on the collection of some variables that in this opportunity, we will not miss under no criteria.

Defining the market delimits us in terms of strategy. Because in this way the techniques and methods to be used below will focus on what is presented in the market. So that the target will not receive content that is not related to the context in which these are developed within the channels of social traffic.

Build a target Facebook user profile

Without analysis, interpretation of manifestations by users, there is nothing in advertising and marketing on Facebook. These needs are contemplated in the following features to be analyzed

List what interests your target user has

On Facebook, interests are defined as user expressions of likes and ideas regarding fan pages or “like” pages on the social network. It is due to these interests that it is evident how a market is maintained and how it is managed. So knowing the interests, we can determine the direction to take from our marketing strategy on Facebook. Since it is necessary to identify the interests that are they relate to our brand or advertising campaign. Because there we will discover the target so vigorous. Also Check fb reels download

Segment your marketing and advertising strategy based on demographic data

Country, region or city. Segmenting said localized identity based on age and gender to define the demographic characteristics of our target audience. Which allows us to know for whom the offer of action in the Facebook advertising campaign is directed. In this way, ages that are not ideal are discarded and it is correct in terms of connecting the brand or product based on the type of preferred public to carry out the diffusion in the social network.

Even when carrying out a marketing campaign on Facebook. We determine the social conditions of our target represented in social networks. Because it is the social context that really determines the success of our advertising campaign on Facebook. Because this social channel is a way of perceive what the online world is in terms of interactions and actions.

Choose between the 6 types of content to generate interactions

Content is everything in social networks, since it allows users to make important decisions based on interactions. So getting the content right is doing it in turn with the type of audience you are looking to capture.


Of the first thing that users observe because it records the written discourse. And therefore all the ideas are focused on transmitting in writing with the social states. Which in turn are identified as sensitive since they are ways of free expression. It is this section where the copy , or writings, acquire greater visibility and become calls to action (CTA) that guide the user to register actions regarding a brand or product


Visually, images on Facebook have acquired a special focus in terms of generating engagement and guiding promotions and special events. Images are the vision of a graphic design that is positioned in importance due to the creativity that allows an image to be represented in marketing and advertising on Facebook.


Facebook has become in the last two years one of the direct competitors of YouTube. The leading company in the storage and reproduction of all kinds of videos. Just because we talk about videos, this does not mean that they generate greater engagement with respect to images. Because depending on the niche and type of event or action to look for. Then the investment in an image or video will be influential.

Facebook Live

One of the latest innovations in terms of marketing on Facebook is live streaming. And it is widely used in promotional campaigns to convey the confidence that a status or image often does not achieve. It is in this trust where purchases are calculated. Records are generated and offers or links that lead to it are clicked.

How to make the best Facebook ad?

One of the fastest and most effective ways to make marketing on Facebook. A much more systematized strategy is the use of Facebook ads to pay for the ads. Where depending on the clicks received and the bid made as investment. Visibility to the selected advertisements with which we seek to generate traffic and interactions.

This is in itself a privilege that Facebook grants to advertisers to appear with visibility in the profiles of your ideal target. Or at least the one that has been identified as the ideal audience for what the brand is looking for.

In this way, it will be possible to understand that everything. We have discussed in terms of the arguments for why a marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook. The channels that serve it and the different ways to attract traffic, are summarized in the ads as projects. In which we manage the acquisition of traffic with respect to a campaign. Brand product or promotion that seeks to generate interactions.

The text (Copy)

We understand it as the state or that space in which the written discourse is constituted. And therefore the call to action will be structured based on a direct, sincere and, above all. Creative message in terms of writing and how to present an idea or message by word. The copy, as a recommendation, should not be extensive and based on the latest hooking techniques add what they are.

Image or video?

An eternal debate among digital marketing experts on Facebook, as it always generates controversy.

Call to Action (CTA)

One of the most important aspects in terms of developing an integrated marketing strategy with advertising on Facebook. Since it is located in the ads in a creative way, and we can always find it below the image.

Your text moves, the image hooks and your call to action converts. So you should not write a short, creative piece of writing that encourages interaction between the user and the ad.

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