How To Live Streaming Your Music Concerts: A Full Guide For Musicians

How To Live Streaming Your Music Concerts: A Full Guide For Musicians

Live streaming is popular and a lot of industries benefit from live streaming services. Today live streaming has become very popular and a lot of brands, organizations, and industries host live-streaming sessions. And today even the music industry is taking the advantage of live streaming. Music is a huge part of our lives and a lot of people depend on music for good and bad times. With the help of live streaming now musicians can reach their listeners whenever they want. 

With live streaming listeners can become part of a music concert while they are chilling at home, driving or stuck in traffic.

In this article, we will be talking about how live streaming can be useful for musicians and how they can live to stream their music. 

Live Streaming Guide For The Musicians 

Here is how you can live stream your music concert effectively: 

1. Choose The Right Platform for Live Streaming

The first step for online streaming a music concert is deciding your online streaming platform. There are various live-streaming platforms both paid and free. You can choose the platform that you find perfect for your music event. 

You can use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, twitch, and Instagram live-streaming services for making your event more successful.

If you are hosting a music concert you should go for a live-streaming platform. Look for advanced features like multi-language & transcription. A platform that records your music event should be your priority. You can choose different devices for online streaming your music concert. A mobile, computer, desktop, software, hardware, encoder, etc.

2. Offer Online Registration And Ticketing 

When you are hosting a live music concert you should offer registration and online ticketing for the event. Various live-streaming platforms allow you for online registration and ticketing. You can either use the platform that offers payment and registration options for the music concert. Or you can also use WhatsApp for that. As most people today use WhatsApp so you can go for WhatsApp business automation. You can use WhatsApp for ticketing and event registration and that’s not just it, your users can also make payments through WhatsApp. If you are using landing pages for registration, make them interactive and add a call to action to it. 

3. Create The Setup 

Make sure you create the right setup for your music concert. When you are hosting a music concert online most of the things depend on your service provider or platform. Choose a platform that allows customization. And because you are hosting an event for the music concert, make your setup creative, fun, and attractive, with music you have a lot of things that you can create. So create a nice and attractive setup. Make sure your setup has proper lighting and looks good on camera. Background and lightning matter a lot during the online streaming of a music concert so keep your game up with it. 

4. Get All The Equipment 

When you are online streaming a music concert you will need all the advanced and best quality equipment that is available in the market. You can’t compromise on the quality of your equipment in case of a live music concert. Go for the live motion camera that can cover everything in the best quality and choose the best audio device that is available in the market. When you are streaming a concert live the quality of audio and video matters a lot and you can’t compromise on it, as it will hamper the user experience. You can have a self-managed streaming studio also for streaming your live music concert. 

Your camera angles should be perfect, your audio should be clear, make sure to check other software before you go live for the music concert. 

5. Strong Network Connection 

The next and the most important thing is the internet connection for any live-streaming event the internet connection is crucial. You can’t live stream without a proper network connection to get the best quality network connection so that you can live stream without any hiccups in between. 

Just like you should have a backup for your event equipment you should also have a backup for your network connection. It is always a good idea to have two or three network sources available just in case things don’t work in your favor. 

Check the speed of your network before going live for the concert. 

6. Promote Your Live Stream

The next thing that you need to do for your live music concert is promote it. Promotions are crucial for all events and it becomes more important when you are online streaming a music concert. You will be investing in the online streaming platforms, and pieces of equipment so you should promote your concert online streaming. 

Easily, You can advertise your music concert using paid ads by google and Facebook and you can also use free social media platforms and their features, don’t forget to send invites through email and Whatsapp. You can send tickets and registration forms.  Run giveaways and contests on social media platforms as a part of promotional strategies. 

7. Check Analytics 

The last thing that you should not skip is checking the analysis of the event. To know how your concert performed and what was the response of your audience you should check analytics for the concert. online streaming platforms offer a dashboard feature for analytics so make proper use of it and analyze the performance of your live concert. 

The Bottom Line 

Online streaming is a tool that can fit all kinds of industries. Musicians can make the most out of the live stream if they make a proper plan and use the right platform and pieces of equipment for the online streaming of their music concert. During online streaming of a music concert, your main aim is to connect with your audience. If you want to promote your music or want to use live Streaming for social media marketing you can choose Dreamcast for live streaming services

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