How to properly edit images for video production

How to properly edit images for video production

You can have any video production stunning sunsets, and breathtaking aerial shots you’d like but that doesn’t mean that you’re not listening to the appropriate music. This is an exaggeration, but let’s get it down. Naturally, having beautifully taken images will enhance your experience visually and how you edit them together will determine the pace, and narrative of the video, however, the music brings all those three elements and gives the whole film a “feeling”.

The three pillars to finding the right mood with your music.

Without music, there is nothing production company near me (or even very minimal) emotion (mute an audio or video and then watch the emotion for yourself). To determine which kind of music will work best for your edit, examine the following three components.


The pace of a film depends on how it was altered (transitions or cuts that cut between scenes). If the scene cuts between shots and the next in a very fast pace it is likely that the music will require an increased BPM because it must be quick enough to match the speed of cuts or the changes to the footage. This is usually the case for the scene of the wedding party that have a lot of movement and it’s possible to cut between guests, the couple dancing to the music that show the DJ. guests drinking and lots of other wedding-related stuff that occurs when guests are drinking and decide to celebrate!

If you’re using images that are long in length or with slow dissolve transitions, you’ll want something that has the lower BPM to show the slower speed.

Colour Palette/Style

The hues you’ve chosen in your scene can assist you in choosing the best style of music that will work well with your film. Generally, warmer colours will naturally fit better with more uplifting music (although can work well with something a bit more melancholic/nostalgic sounding). While darker colors naturally work better with more grittier and deeper sounding music. The dark colors in wedding films do you think? You shouldn’t be shocked – there are a lot of stunningly unique wedding videos. That try a variety of styles that are artistically diverse. Here’s an excellent example from Super Weddings:


Narrative is a crucial element of movie studios in every form of storytelling. That’s precisely what you’re doing in wedding films. It’s telling the story of their wedding. The way you tell the story is an artistic decision and , in the same way. It is what you as an editor decides to emphasize when telling the story is your creative decision. Like the way you put your images together will visually tell the story, the soundtrack is a narrative as well. Music changes in speed, intensity and strength, and the process, leads listeners to an emotional experience. It is important to ensure that the visual and musical narrative match to make the greatest impact.

cut to music or score music onto the image

Both workflows are legitimate methods of working, but in the past, you’d have to have an extensive. Budget to pay someone to compose music for your film. But, thanks to Filmstro you’re able to not only have access to the world’s most comprehensive. Biggest library of dynamic music with the intensity, depth, and momentum slider. You can now create the soundtrack that fits your wedding film to perfection. Take a look at our brief description below:

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