How to select seats on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

On Spirit Airlines, the front seats are far more comfortable. Furthermore, Spirit may have been the only travel company to sell this seat honestly. Called the “Big Front Seat,” you receive an enormous seat in the front of the aircraft, as you might anticipate. Plus, it’s fairly cozy. The Big Front Seat does not come with complimentary beverages or free checked luggage. Furthermore, not even top members are available free Spirit upgrades to the Big Front Seat. However, you are able to purchase a better seat.

To receive a Spirit upgrade to the Big Front Seat, there are two options. During the booking process or subsequently, you have the option to buy a Big Front Seat assignment entirely. As I’ll cover in a later section, you may also use Spirit’s bidding mechanism to place a bid on a Big Front Seat. Spirit Airlines is a discount airline that charges for almost everything, including seat allocations. During the booking process, a seat map with costs next to each vacant seat will be displayed to you.

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Cost of Choosing Big Front Seat

You’re set after you choose a seat and make the necessary payment. Spirit states that choosing a Big Front Seat will cost between $12 and $250. In reality, we usually see a range of $50 to $150, with several well-known routes asking $100 or more for each portion of the journey for the Big Front Seat. Seat assignment costs with Spirit are often not refundable. Therefore, before committing to an upgrade, be sure you’re going to actually take the trip. There are neither savings nor perks related to Spirit upgrades available with the Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard. However, you may still use a lot of other credit card travel credits to pay for the cost of your preferred seat. For instance, the $300 yearly travel credit is available with the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Spirit Seat Booking for Members

There are two advanced levels in the Free Spirit program that you may obtain: Gold and Silver. It will take some luck. Those who opted for the Free Spirit Silver Membership are eligible for a complimentary upgrade with extra benefits. If an exit-row seat becomes available, Free Spirit Silver members can upgrade for free up to three hours prior to departure. In the meanwhile, Free Spirit Gold members have a far more helpful perk: when they make reservations, they may choose exit-row seats.

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On Spirit, buying a seat was your sole option to get an exit-row or Big Front Seat. Spirit has launched a bidding mechanism, though, so you might be able to get an upgrade for a little less money. Zach Griff of TPG attempted to bid on a Big Front Seat and made a 40% savings over the asking price. Spirit has a website where you may bid on an exit row or big front seat upgrade after you book your ticket. It may take place even closer to departure, but you won’t know if your offer was accepted until 48 hours after departure. Remarkably, Instant Level Up is also included in the terms and conditions of the Spirit bidding system.

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