How to Use a Kitchen Remodeling Calculator to Plan Your Dream Kitchen

How to Use a Kitchen Remodeling Calculator to Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Planning your dream kitchen starts with determining a realistic budget. This will help you map out any unexpected costs & find the best ways to spend your money.

With structural design heavily impacting cost, hiring a contractor offering transparent upfront pricing is essential. This way, you can avoid any surprises during the remodel.


The kitchen is the most frequently used room in a home, and it should be practical and reflect your style. Whether your kitchen is overcrowded, lacks storage or doesn’t reflect your taste, remodeling is an investment that will pay dividends in years to come.

The key is planning – making lists and checking them twice. A remodel cost estimator will help you budget accurately so there are no surprises when the project begins.

Talking to a kitchen expert is also a great way to streamline your kitchen remodeling Portland. Kitchen experts have much practical knowledge and can introduce options you may have yet to consider. Their experience will help you future-proof your design and create a kitchen that will work for how you live now and in years to come. From built-in wine storage to rolling drawers and customized spice racks, they can help you maximize space, functionality and style.


Choosing the cabinets defining your kitchen is crucial to your design process. There are two ways to approach this: sourcing all your cabinetry from one supplier and getting a made-to-measure solution that fits your space perfectly (more expensive but will result in zero unsavory surprises during the project) or scouring the market for individual pieces that work together and give the room a unique feel.

Considering the practical needs of your kitchen is also important when selecting your cabinets. Do you need extra storage for cookware, tools, utensils, linen and other household items? Consider creative solutions like storing pots and pans sideways or putting them in deep drawers to optimize storage space.

Talking to a qualified kitchen specialist is another great way to future-proof your design and ensure it fits your space, lifestyle and budget.


The kitchen is the heart of a home and often needs updating. It’s the most popular room to remodel and offers a great return on investment.

A well-designed layout is the key to creating your dream kitchen. Your kitchen design should respond to how you use it and consider practicality. Consider the working triangle – sink, fridge and stove – and the style of layout that best mirrors this flow.

Choose flooring to handle a busy family kitchen’s wear and tear and add a focal point. From reclaimed wood to colorful patterned floor tiles, there are endless options. Be sure to find a contractor to provide a full-service design and installation with upfront pricing. This will eliminate the risk of hidden costs and ensure the project stays on track.


Whether you’re planning to invest in top-tier appliances like Sub-Zero refrigerators, Wolf ovens or Cove premium dishwashers or simply upgrading to eye-catching quartz countertops or backsplashes, it’s important to determine a realistic budget and stick to it. This will ensure you can get all the features and upgrades on your wish list while still getting premium products and minimizing unnecessary costs.

It’s also good to consider how you’ll use your kitchen long-term. After all, kitchen remodeling projects are meant to last long and should reflect your family’s living and social needs.

A reputable kitchen designer can help you make the right choices for your lifestyle and budget with the aid of a kitchen cost calculator. From rolling shelves and toe-kick drawers to customized spice racks, they can show you a range of storage solutions that will keep your home functional and organized. The best ones are durable enough for the busy lives of today’s families and will still look beautiful in a decade.

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