Intro showcase view in Jetpack Compose — Android

Want to make it easy for your new users to understand all the features of your app?

Here’s how you can do it using jetpack compose in android.

This implementation is inspired by the TapTargetView which is useful for legacy views.

Full source code is available on GitHub as Intro Showcase View and you can also add this as a gradle dependency in your project.

1_q37VrC0BqQQeMpeG-VHQuQ.gifOnce you follow the 10 steps in this article, your final implementation will look like this.

Step 1: Add a feature and draw circles on Canvas

Step 2: Find LayoutCoordinates of a fab button and recenter circle.

Step 3: Blend the overlapped circle to set transparency

Step: 4 Add circle reveals animation to highlight the target

Step 5: Add texts to describe the feature

Step 6: Set offset of Texts

Step 7: Calculate outer circle radius

Step 8: change the offset of our outer circle

Step 9: Fix the outer circle center point for the Top and Bottom bar.

Step 10: Add circle reveals animation to our outer circle.

Check out the full article on canopas blog.

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