Must-Have Additions To Custom Homes

When you’re building your dream house, there’s a lot to consider. It allows you to add new features to your house that will make your life more convenient, pleasant, and enjoyable. You can personalise and customize your whole house to meet your and your family’s need. Here is a list of extra features you can have incorporated in your custom house to elevate your property:

1. Custom In-Built Shelves
Shelving can add additional storage to your house. Your shelves can also serve as a focal point of your rooms. By adding personal items such as collectables, travel souvenirs and linens, you can add a personal touch to the shelves of your living room. They can make your house a one-of-a-kind design that meets your requirements.

2. Home Theatre
This is the age of Netflix and chill. And with a home theatre, you can take the movie-watching experience up a notch! To watch your favourite movies with your friends and family, customize the room with the finest lighting, images, and sound.

3. Heated Floors
If you want heated floors, this is something you should consider when the house is still being built. This can be a practical upgrade to your house if you live at a place where it is cold most time of the year.

Heated floors are perfect for high-ceiling rooms and residences, and because heat rises, they can quickly and efficiently heat any space. They can also be a lovely addition to bathrooms and areas of your house which are often cold.

4. Build Higher Ceilings
Getting experimental with ceiling designs can make your modern house look extra special. You can also get creative with the designs of the ceiling like having an arched ceiling or one with a big chandelier.

Higher ceilings ensure better air circulation. This can be a good addition to your custom home if you are someone who would like to live in a spacy home.

5. Install stargazing skylights in your bedroom
By installing skylights in your room, you can fall asleep gazing at the stars. What better way to fall asleep? They are also an excellent choice for blending the indoors and outdoors. During the day, the skylight can be a path for natural light to enter your house and light it up completely. These will be perfect additions to custom homes in Calgary.

6. Separate Closets for His and Hers
You will find that a single closet is insufficient at some point throughout your time in your new home. Why not have separate closets for his and hers? A separate closet for clothes, while frequently considered a luxury, is great for keeping everything orderly and in place.

This is becoming a more popular option in custom-built houses, as homeowners are less interested in having space for the sake of space and more interested in having areas of the home that serve a purpose.

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