Reasons You Need The Best Land Surveyors in Calgary

The scientific process of measuring the dimensions of the earth’s surface is known as a land survey. From planning to construction, land surveying is an important part of the site development process.

Before we go into the reasons why you need land surveyors, let’s first understand what they are.

Who is a Land Surveyor?
A land surveyor is an expert who measures and maps property boundaries. They also survey the topography of a piece of property.

Land surveyors plan, direct, and carry out legal surveys to locate and interpret the position of boundaries, buildings, structures above and below the earth’s surface. Engineers, architects, and builders work with land surveyors to create exact descriptions of Earth’s surface features in the form of surveys and maps.

That’s not all. They work on a wide range of projects, including infrastructure planning and design, land development, and construction. Many land surveyors specialise in a specific type of land surveyor or a specific type of land such as urban or agricultural. You can work with a specialist depending on the needs of your property.

Core Geomatics are the best land surveyors in Calgary. They provide topographic surveys, contour maps, field surveys, and GIS mapping, among other land surveying services.

Why Do You Need Land Surveying Services?
Surveying the land is a crucial preliminary activity before construction begins, whether you’re building a new home, a new warehouse, or a bridge. It helps in determining a property’s boundaries and provides precise measurements for how to develop the area. You need land surveying services for the following reasons:

To know about the boundaries of your property
If you are planning to construct your property, it is very important to know the boundaries of that property. You don’t want to spend all that money and work only to discover later a legal lawsuit against your property. A land surveyor will provide you with a basic map of your property clearing any doubts regarding its location and area.

Boundaries can also cause major disputes with the neighbourhood that could end with you in court paying a hefty fee. Surveys are suitable to assist in the resolution of legal disputes about property lines or building construction.

To Know How Much Your Land Is Worth
Everybody wants the best price for their property. A land surveyor will be able to evaluate if the property has any flaws that could reduce its value and help you sell the property at its best price. They can also assist in providing information on easements, which are used to plan how to develop or build on the land, as well as the enforcement of local ordinances and regulations.

Core Geomatics are a Calgary based firm with the best Land Surveyors in Calgary. They have over ten years of experience mapping and surveying construction projects. To begin surveying your land today, Speak With Them today!

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