Shopify Plus Developers: How Will You Benefit From Hiring One

These days, starting an eCommerce business is easy. Thanks to eCommerce platforms like Shopify and other DIY Content Management Systems (CMS), you can create an eCommerce store with very little to no technical knowledge.

But while it is true that you can establish a simple online store using these do-it-yourself options, there is no escaping the fact that if you require a large or complex website, you will almost certainly need the assistance of a Shopify and Shopify Plus developer.

In fact, if you’re migrating your business to Shopify Plus, it’s wise to hire one. Below are some reasons why it’s a good idea to get a developer for your Shopify Plus store.

Customized Shopify Theme
You can customize your Shopify theme with standard Shopify plans just using the editor. Switching to another theme may be a little difficult, however.

Conversely, the Shopify Plus allows for extensive customization and includes access to Shopify’s Liquid theme language. You’ll be able to make changes in the backend at the code level with Liquid in your toolbox, giving you more power.

Still, if you can’t code, you won’t be able to design your Shopify Plus store exactly how you want it.

When you hire Shopify Plus experts, you can have highly customized Shopify eCommerce stores with custom themes to reflect your brand and message.

Development Support and Maintenance
In an ideal world, your website functions smoothly all the time. But we don’t live in a perfect world and to keep your store running without a hitch, you’ll need regular website development support and maintenance, especially when you’re expecting heavy traffic on your site, such as during the holiday rush, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others.

Working with a development team from a Shopify Plus agency ensures frequent maintenance and support through comprehensive tests and network security updates, safeguarding customer data, and guaranteeing optimal user experience.

Optimize Your Shopify Store for Conversions
A skilled developer with expertise in the Shopify Plus platform can ensure that your site is optimized to convert visitors in addition to building an aesthetically appealing site. Shopify Plus developers can enhance the functionalities of your store by incorporating JS, CSS, or HTML into Liquid. They can:

● Customize the checkout to suit your brand and improve the customer experience. They can also tailor your checkout page to include discounts or promotions when you’re running sales campaigns.

● Optimize your Shopify site for various devices and platforms. A website optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop views and using different web browsers will appeal more to users. If you can provide your buyers optimal experience, you can have a higher conversion rate.

● Develop code to integrate necessary third-party apps and software into your Shopify shop, such as a social media sharing app, upsell app, email marketing software, and other marketing tools.

● Streamline the search and filter algorithms to make products easier to find, which may lead to a higher conversion rate.

Speed Up Your Site
Your brand, reputation, and revenue are all impacted by a bad website experience, and page load speeds affect the same user experience greatly.

Your site will slow down if it has large files, excessive or poor coding, numerous redirects, and others. Often, too many apps and plugins can also cause your website to load slowly.

If the app has a problem, it will slow your site down. If you have a lot of apps with issues, then they will slow down your site further.

Developers not only can spot files that can be compressed and find solutions to make your website load faster, but they can also find apps that can meet multiple store demands so you don’t burden your site unnecessarily.

Maximize Your Shopify Plus Built-In Features
To maximize all the benefits of every feature of Shopify Plus, hire Shopify Plus developers who can customize your Shopify Plus design, provide maintenance and fix bugs that occur over time, optimize your store for conversion, and speed up page load to improve user experience and sales.

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