Special Interest Groups at AUA to Nurture Students’ Passion

The American University of Antigua (AUA) commits itself to the development of its students. It concentrates on their development by nurturing their passion. An important means of focusing on this objective is through special interest groups at AUA. This university in Antigua and Barbuda has numerous interest groups, with each of these focusing on a specific area of medicine. It is remarkable that AUA has maintained a simple criterion to join a group. This encourages students to easily associate with the community they prefer and make the best utilization of their interests.

Fostering the Passion of Students through Interest Groups

 AUA, recognized as the Best Medical University in the USA for Indian Students, has over 7 special interest groups. Through these, the school of medicine in the Caribbean enables students to foster their passion with respect to this field. With each group, the interest of a student deepens in a specific area of medicine. Hence, in one way, they are encouraged to specialize in their respective areas.

Cardiology Interest Association (CIA)

The Cardiology Interest Association is a group at AUA that strengthens the passion of students for cardiology. It helps in forming an environment in which interest in cardiology is fostered by encouraging students to learn together.

 Thus, CIA helps build a community of students who share a similar passion. Functioning as a club, the members of pre-med as well as BSIS  can approach it. Notably, for clinical rotations, this group at the American University of Antigua undergoes expansion to further empower the students.

OB/GYN Interest Group (OBGIG)

At AUA, students can nurture their passion concerning the reproductive health of women. For this, the OB/GYN Interest Group has been formed. It is focused on educating students about pregnancy, labor, as well as delivery.

  •     Further, through this group, money is raised for the March of Dimes and other organizations.
  •     Women’s shelters in Antigua can also receive financial aid from OBGIG.
  •     Suturing clinics are run by this group through which information regarding cesarean sections is spread.

EMIG or Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Students can become part of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group at AUA. The top university in the Caribbean region enables aspirants to join EMIG whether or not they have prior experience in emergency services like RNs, EMTs, and paramedics.

  •     Those who have experience in emergency services can spread their knowledge among others.
  •     This group allows students to discuss their specialties.
  •     EMIG is also associated with EMTC or the Emergency Medicine Training Center at AUA.
  •     As part of this association, support is offered to students when they engage in training activities.

Oncology Interest Group

AUA comprises the Oncology Interest Group or OIG. It is significant for educating the student community about cancer. This group is also involved in research regarding the same. While it is a community that embraces the passion of those interested in oncology, it is not restricted only to such students. Those who believe in making a positive impact on the respective community can participate too.

SIG or Surgery Interest Group

At the American University of Antigua, SIG has been formed by and for students. Like-minded individuals who have an interest in surgery can associate with this group. The Surgery Interest Group offers useful resources to foster the interest of aspiring surgeons. In addition, it is focused on the development of relevant skills.

  •     This group engages in organizing events to form vital skills for future surgeons.
  •     These events are both fun and educational to engage aspirants.
  •     Suturing workshops are organized as well for new students or members who return.

Sports Medicine Physician Interest Group/SMPIG

Students of AUA can consider joining the Sports Medicine Physician Interest Group. It is best for physicians who wish to specialize in sports medicine in their career. Through SMPIG, members can obtain insights to understand their role. They can begin to develop an understanding of their responsibilities.

Also, with SMPIG, members can utilize resources that develop the ability for learning the fundamentals of sports medicine. This group conducts workshops to deliver learning experiences to students. Further, it manages community outreach events for more such experiences. 

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

The Radiology Interest Group guides students about radiology. It educates them with the help of radiologic images. To shape the diagnostic abilities of students, these images are useful. To extensively enhance the learning of students, they are provided with mentoring opportunities to retain their knowledge.

To Sum up the Above

Indeed, the American University of Antigua understands the best approach to harness the passion of students. It provides them with the option of joining multiple groups. Depending on their area of interest, they can become part of a community and witness a new turning point in their journey. Each group essentially helps one to be closer to one’s career goals.

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