The Emerald Tablet of Thoth – The Ancient Wisdom Of Atlantis

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is a detailed history of the great civilization of Atlantis, its mechanical and scientific achievements and how it sank and even about the construction of the Great Pyramid. This article will take you through the history of the Emerald Tablets and their significance.

What are the Emerald Tablets made of?
They consist of 12 tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance, created through alchemical transmutation. They are imperishable, resistant to all elements in substance. The engraved characters in the Emerald Tablets respond to attuned thought waves, releasing the associated mental vibration in the mind of the reader. The Tablets are fastened together with hoops of a golden colored alloy suspended from a rod of the same material.

The wisdom contained in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth is the foundation of the ancient mysteries, and for the one who reads with open eyes and mind, his wisdom shall be increased a hundred fold.

History of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth
The history of the Emerald Tablets is beyond the belief of the modern scientists dating back some 36,000 years BC. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean priest-king who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of Atlantis. He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

For some 16,000 years he ruled the ancient race of Egypt from approximately 50,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. He raised Egypt to a high degree of civilization. Thoth was an immortal i.e. he had conquered death. Thoth’s vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies including the ones in South and Central America. When it was time for him to leave Egypt, he erected the Great Pyramid over the entrance to the Great Halls of Amenti. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom, and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis and appointed guards to guard his secrets. Later the descendants of these guards became the Pyramid Priests. Thoth was known as the God of Wisdom. Thoth incarnated thrice, the last one as Hermes.

The Tablets translated are ten of 12 which were left in the Great Pyramid in the custody of the Pyramid Priests. The 10 are divided into 13 parts for the sake of convenience. The last two are great and far reaching. The secrets in the Emerald Tablets will prove of infinite value to the serious student.

Many delegations of priests were sent to other parts of the world. Among these were some of the Pyramid Priests who carried the Emerald Tablets as a talisman of authority. They immigrated to South America where they found a flourishing race of Mayans who remembered much of the ancient wisdom.

In the 10th century, the Mayans had settled in Yucatan and the tablets were placed beneath the altar of one of the great temples of the Sun God. After the Spaniards conquered the Mayans the cities were abandoned and the treasures of the temples forgotten.

The Great Pyramid of Egypt has been and still is a temple of initiation into the mysteries. Jesus, Solomon, Appolonius and others were initiated there.

The Great White Lodge authorized Dr. Doreal, the founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple to retrieve the Emerald Tablets from the jungles of South America. This was accomplished by Dr. Doreal. Before returning them, he was given permission to translate and retain a copy of the wisdom engraved on the tablets. This was done in 1925.

The purpose of the book was to bring to humankind many truths about our connection to God and the Cosmos, which have been hidden for the last 50,000 years.

About the Emerald Tablets
The Emerald Tablets was written in Atlantean characters by Thoth, the Atlantean, and interpreted by Dr. Doreal. This book has been printed word for word, punctuation for punctuation, after Dr. Doreal’s own personal copy of the first Emerald Tablets book ever given, which was in 1939. Not one word, not even punctuation, has been changed from his own personal book.

Everything Dr. Doreal wrote, every book and every lesson, was written on all four planes: the material plane, the astral plane, the Divine mental plane and the high spiritual plane. He said that was not an easy task, as we are all in such a state of mental and spiritual bondage, and cannot seem to understand much above the material plane. Therefore, look beyond the material words and feel the vibrations of the unwritten word. We can only rise above the material when we let go of what we THINK about the material plane. So read between the lines and look beyond the written word, and feel the vibrations of truth within your own heart and soul.

The true student will read between the lines and gain wisdom. If the light is in you, the light which is engraved in these tablets will respond.

Where are the Emerald Tablets?
The Emerald Tablets are hidden in a secret chamber in the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

It is clear that the Emerald Tablets are the most powerful, life changing, spiritual and scientific achievements of Atlantis in the world today.

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