The Unexpected Benefits of eCommerce SEO Services You Didn’t Know About

Everyone knows eCommerce SEO services can help improve your online store’s rankability, sending more organic traffic to your website – which typically corresponds to commensurately higher organic conversions and sales.

But eCommerce SEO services can also deliver a wide range of other benefits as well, some much less unexpected.

What Are eCommerce SEO Services?
Broadly speaking, eCommerce SEO services are a series of practices that help improve your online store’s appeal to search engines for a given set of keywords or search queries. They typically include:

●Keyword research and strategy development

●A content strategy, including drafting and publication

●On-page optimizations to a variety of ranking factors on category and product pages.

●Link building efforts

●Technical audits to address issues like security, site structure, and excess code

●And ongoing monitoring to gauge the success of the campaign

So how does that generate unexpected benefits? Just check out the top 6 below:

1.What you did last year will keep having effects this year
The effects of SEO often take a while to become apparent. Therefore, whatever you invest in SEO today may not start generating noticeable improvements in organic traffic and impressions for several months or longer.

That also means that what you invest today will continue to have effects in the future, even after you withdraw from services. For that reason alone, most online businesses partner with their eCommerce SEO services provider for the long term.

2.Your website’s usability will likely improve
Because SEO is affected by ranking signals such as site security and site structure, eCommerce SEO experts often suggest or implement these technical changes to the client website.

As a result, the usability of the website will increase, resulting in a more pleasant shopping experience. The effect is that not only will more people visit your website, it’s more likely that more of them will end up converting.

3.Your website will probably be faster
Site speed is a ranking factor, and therefore, whenever eCommerce SEO experts uncover issues with site speed, they typically either offer to rectify it themselves or suggest development work for the client.

Whatever the case, experienced eCommerce SEO companies will address speed issues, and everyone wins. The client gets an SEO boost and website visitors get less frustrated.

4.It will help you offset the costs of paid search advertising
Paid search marketing strategies, like pay-per-click, can be an effective way to generate traffic and sales, but even with a high ROAS, it is expensive. SEO, by contrast, is typically more scalable.

More importantly, as your website gains domain authority, it will begin to rank for more and more short and long-tail keywords, bringing in ever more traffic. The more organic leads an eCommerce business has, the less it needs to rely on PPC.

5.Continuing analytics monitoring will help you identify issues before they become huge
Any eCommerce SEO agency worth its salt will continuously monitor your eCommerce store for changes in site rankings, impressions, and for fluctuations in organic traffic and user behavior.

Whenever an issue arises, such as climbing bounce rate or a drop in organic impressions or conversion rates – you’ll be the first to know so you and your SEO services provider can tackle the challenge together.

6.Customers will probably trust your brand more
Time and time again it has been shown that online shoppers inherently trust organic listings more than promoted ones. That’s part of why social media marketing is so effective – it seems natural and organic. Organic listings in Google are the same way.

If your eCommerce website shows up higher in the organic search results, you won’t just get more traffic, you’ll also end up earning more trust, and that goes a long way when calculating customer lifetime value.

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